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PLEs “exist whenever two people meet in the name of this great race” and are supposed to have an invisible setting up phase. Further, when fully active they are supposed to have an element that remains “unannounced” supposedly there are invisible PLEs all over the USA, but of course we only hear about the visible ones. TBH I’m not sure the invisible PLEs are useful in any way.

The Kalispell PLE has been going much long than this Leith one, is part of a reasonably sized community (20,000 or so) and is near many other towns. Further the public face of the PLE announced that the lefties that bothered her when she first moved there have moved out.

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After the destruction of the NF how long did the movement take to re-form in the BNP? 1979-2001. 22 years. This time? 2010 ~ 2015. The difference was “the internet”. Specifically it was that a nationalist audience existed to hear the new message. That audience was essentially yours. It may have been frustrating during those years that they were essentially just consuming entertainment, as AAA highlighted in a recent comment about a productive activity that received no response from the audience, it seems that now they are being converted from spectators into participants.

It will truly be the ending of an era, thanks for the hard work GA.

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Starting with the second sentence, the above is a paraphrasing from wikipedia attributed to a Jewish convert to Christianity, Mike Coran, under the heading of accusations of anti-semitism.

It is true Hilaire (correct spelling this time) Belloc wasn’t a Nationalist and an opponent of National Socialism (not the same thing!) but he has written many insightful books on modern issues, including the media, Parliament, political parties, economics and the Jews. He gave his opinion openly of the Jews, blaming them for communism and high finance, but it is also regarded that he was not an anti-semite.

Merry Christmas kinsmen.

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Svoboda also won over two million votes - over 10% - just a few days ago in Ukraine

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We have two examples of unity occurring in the British Nationalist scene. One was the NF, that came about by the union of pre-existing organisations. The other is the BNP, which was unified by achieving a degree of success. Simply put, all these organisations should unify and/or succeed or shut up.

What is the point in standing in an election and not bothering to campaign, and then reporting on the 2% result as if it’s not an incredible embarrassment? A result like that is worse than not standing at all as it makes us look weaker than we are.
What is the point in running a campaign on, say, halhal meat in schools when the school board and government will just weasel more PC nonsense in? A credible nationalist alternative also has a preventative effect, as the mainstream parties know they can’t push people too hard or they’ll jump ship.

I don’t think all arms should be under unified direction. The taxpayer alliance could be considered a Conservative pressure group, an organisation that exists to provide sound bites for the media. The media would never quote them if they were actually under the direction of Cameron, but then the intricacies of the plan should be left to another article.

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They are, however, included for the purpose of the Olympics.

"The British Olympic Association (BOA) is the National Olympic Committee (NOC) for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The BOA is responsible for the participation in the Olympic Games of athletes from GB and NI, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and UK Overseas Territories which do not have their own National Olympic Committee."

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It is true that the Japanese, for example, site factories here to get around EU quotas, but it works the other way to, stifling our trade with the world to help the Germans. However, another strong factor is that we simply don’t defend our companies.

In 1960 EFTA was founded by Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK to promote free trade. The UK was part of this because Charles De Gaulle believed Britain would be a Trojan horse in what is now the EU and work for American interests, and blocked our entry. Before the community was founded, France considered (if only briefly) becoming closer to Britain economically/politically, perhaps involving the commonwealth. ( see here )

The EU is about ever closer union, as stated in the treaty of Rome, EFTA is all that was ever needed for trade. A trading bloc doesn’t need a president, legislation makers, law courts, though thats the council of Europe, representation in the G20 nor would it cost £117 billion per year.

Fractional reserve banking and usury are evils to be abolished, so I’m not concerned with their survival. Though I would point out that had it not been vetoed, the EU tobin tax could have done some damage to the city.

According to Wikipedia Philippe Pétain, a leader of the pro-armistice group, called a possible Anglo-French union "fusion with a corpse,” which sounds to me like a good description of the EU. Demanding 50 million immigrants, supporting Marxist inspired social engineering, allowing fractional reserve banking, usury, fiat currency manipulation for traders and tax loopholes for large companies; the EU gives us the worst of all possible worlds.

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Whatever happened to that book Nationalism V. globalism? Did it ever get a review, and if so, would it suit this purpose?

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Christian preachers face arrest in Birmingham

"He said we were in a Muslim area and were not allowed to spread our Christian message. He said we were committing a hate crime by telling the youths to leave Islam and said that he was going to take us to the police station."

As he walked away, the PCSO said: "You have been warned. If you come back here and get beaten up, well you have been warned".

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Since NewLabour, Britain has accepted 500,000 immigrants a year. Very roughly 250,000 people leave Britain a year. 500,000 in plus 250,000 out means a change of 750,000. Accepting the UK’s population as 62 million, this means that the UK becomes more foreign at a rate of 1.2% a year. Obviously, if the rise in the UK’s population is not matched by a rise in migration, then this percentage will fall. I see Richard has provided a link stating immigration has hit 600,000 a year and 400,000 residents leave each year, so these are conservative figures.

The UK in 2001 had 50 million “White British”* people, 88% of the population. If that percentage falls by 1.33% every year, then by 2030 British people will be a minority. 1.33% per year is not very much when you realise that the British population is old and the non-British population is young. You can see the age profiles of each ethnic group in the link provided.

Future events are not simple extrapolations of the past however. Just as NewLabour getting elected brought the doom of our nation closer, another event could push it further into the future. Even if we become a minority though, we are still an ethnicity and we should never give up.