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Aaaaand here come the fanfics.

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Wait, hold on - threats? I know there's a lot angst on Reddit, but blasting the staff over this is too much. What happened to Love and Tolerate? Are those who once ignored the trolls now become everything they hated? Shame on them, shame. I reserve my judgement of EQG until I see it for myself, but I'm not mad about it, especially since I know it's NOT GOING TO AFFECT SEASON 4.

Guys, calm down. It's not that big a deal, just like Alicorn Twilight.

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Lyra must be ripping her mane out in jealousy. They ought to send her to the human world; she'd appreciate it the most.

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Welcome Digibrony! May your super in-depth analysis of the series keep us entertained for several months and may your slow spiral into insanity (as has happened to the rest of the blogponies) be just as entertaining for the months after that.

My hopes for season 4 are simple. Body swap episode, because it would be a comedy gold mine considering the talents of the cast and an Applejack episode that does not involve the farm or her family. That would force the writers to explore who she really is, rather than simply what's important to her. Also, NO SHIPPING. None, zip, zero, nada. No. This show is about friendship: how to make friends, how to be a good friend and how to maintain your friendships. I never had this kind of advice from a show growing up and it would have been really nice, because I didn't have any friends growing up, either. This is important. If you really need to learn how to establish and maintain a romantic relationship, go watch anything by Disney.

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These are just links to thumbnails - what's going on?

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Do some more Artist Training Grounds!

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Discord! I'll bet John DeLancie has a magnificent singing voice.

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Also, Dash's brilliant delivery of DUN DUN DUUUNN!

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I'm totally cool with subtle shoutouts. Those are fun to look for.

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They are really getting into this background pony thing, aren't they?