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The new seasons and some of the fanfictions. Once those are done, I'm content to move on.

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Chinese Space Pirates, ala Outlaw Star.

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Bullshit everything lines up! When was the Nightmare Arc supposed to have happened?

Okay, explosive unprofessional intro asides(me, not the comic), this was a thing that bugged me a lot. I apologize, but this is going into Spoiler territory. If you wanna go into the Nightmare Arc blind, please ignore this comment.

So, in the Nightmare Arc, We see Luna's hair change from when she was a filly, the slightly wavy blue hair, to the Celestial Mane of Stars she has in the series, as a symbol for her conquering he doubts about herself in regards to the Nightmare Forces. That's all well and fine, but this takes place in Ponyville, and not only does it take place in Ponyville, it takes place in a war against the Nightmare Forces with Luna acting as a general for the people alongside her sister. Not only does she lead the ponies admirably, but she also admits her weaknesses and is forgiven and accepted by the ponies of the town, which sparks the change of her aesthetics(namely her hair) and persona. Hell, even a redeemed Trixie throws out a line about second chances. Now, that would have been great if it took place after Nightmare Night, but the use of the hair change as giving us a time frame means it's somewhere between Episode 2, Season 1 and Episode 4, Season 2, which makes everything that happens with Luna's return TOTAL BULLSHIT. Add in Trixie and it's very clear that the idea of canon continuity is shot clear in the ass.

Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome story, well worth reading, and all of this is essentially a dumb fan gripe. But that said, It really DOESN'T line up all the time.

God I sound like a loser for getting that worked up over such a tiny detail, don't I?

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So, I watched it, and I feel confident now in spending my money on it next week. I'd encourage all others to spend money on this in theaters as well, because this is actually what we want from episodes, as well as a good direction for movies.

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Alan Wake is kind of ruined now, Kingdom Hearts is awesome again, Sonic is confused, Majora's Mask became even more screwed up, and Kyle Katarn is still somehow in Dark Forces.

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American Gods.

Do it now.

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I know someone on a news site dedicated to small cartoon ponies saying something like this is not new inanyways, but still:

THis somehow works amazingly well in my head.

Wonder if we could squeeze Assassin's Creed 3 in...

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Snowdrop winning out over Double Rainboom has revived my faith in the fanbase.

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If he looked us in the eye and ate it, wouldn't we have seen the cake?