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Such a lovely response :3 Even though we received a rejection, I feel respected and acknowledged. Well done, Lego :)

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You mean WhiteDove-Creations? This might clear up a few things:

PS: I think "The Big Plushie Scare" is a term worthy of being immortalized in the Book of Brony History! Heck, someone should make "The Big Plushie Scare Survivor" T-Shirts :D

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I am not a fan of shipping/ slash in general, so it would not become better if it were heterosexual or male homosexual pairings. With that said, I really like the idea of BonBon Lyra being together. And not just as roommates, but as a couple. I cannot even tell why I appreciate that thought so much, they just seem to belong together /)^3^(\

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"That's the only reason she was changed to begin with: we gave the haters so much attention that Hasbro couldn't pretend to ignore it. As long as we ignore any haters, nothing will happen at all."

Actually, that is not correct. Derpy's change had nothing to do with Bronies' reactions to haters at all:

We could have just as well written ten thousand mails praising Derpy, it would not have change a bit. When the people in charge decide to serve an ridiculously small but very angry minority, there is nothing you can do. Yes, I am still a bit fed up that they valued the opinion of ten Haters more than the entire Fandom, but then again I understand that they may have felt unsure how this word is commonly used. And at the end of the day, they probably just want to make their show, not practicing politics or dealing with shitstorms once the media discovers it as a story. I maintain nonetheless that they could have gotten in touch with the fans in case of uncertainty. As I see it, they missed a major chance to score points there, not even speaking of doing the right thing.

But be that as it may, new Derpy news is awesome news :)

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I wonder whether we will have to rent stadiums one day... O.o

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Congratulations :) You surely deserved it by staying up and directing all those who came late (like me ^^) to your upload. Thank you once again! /)

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I would *pay* to get bitten into the plot by something with John de Lancie, Tara Strong and Lauren Faust on board. Oh wait, I already did!

Donate via Kickstarter:
Donate via PayPal:

For the Plotbite ;)

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Important information: PayPal users can donate via ! The rewards are the same as for Kickstarter Pledgers. So far, only a few hundred dollars have come over PayPal, but I bet it would be a lot more if people knew that this possibility exists. Therefor, it would be nice if this could be mentioned in the article, since a lot of us folks do not have a credit card :3

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Awww, shucks! Anyway, you live in Canada, and that rocks. Even if you guys in Quebec declare Independence one day ;)

By the way, can you tell me how much a Litre of Maple Syrup costs where you live? If it is significantly cheaper than in the rest of the world, I am seriously considering moving there :) It is to me what Apple Cider is for Ponies...

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It will be weird to hear him say more than one word...