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I think it shows the kind of strength I've come to expect from corporate America.

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Oh, please let Newt win the nomination! I just HAVE to hear the "christians" explain why he is more moral and upright than the President.

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Needs MO ABA.

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When Michelle thinks your idea is dumb, it should say alot to you about your idea. Even if you are a Trump.

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"Why Is Elizabeth Warren Doing So Well in Polls When Karl Rove Told Everyone To Hate Her?"

It's one of those questions that answers itself.

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Well, maybe it's not Newt making the demand. I mean, it could be Mrs. Newt....because would YOU want to share a bathroom with Newt? See where I'm goiing here? Marriage doesn't mean you have to share EVERYTHING, and I am sure that goes double if you woke up from a serious drunk and realized you married the Newt.

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No wonder the teens are all turning ghey! No need for messy pills and stuff.

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What America Stands For

Nazis marching through a Jewish neighborhood - Protected free speech.
Protesting dirty and dishonest banks and business practices - A brutal assault demanding violent retribution.

If you disagree, maybe you need to be beaten too. Not too Hopey, huh?

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Corporations - Not people.
Soilent Green - People.

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" was a place where a bunch of American soldiers were attacked by a bunch of Japanese soldiers these seventy years ago today."

I know history is not very important, I mean, compared to what you might be doing on your I-Thingy, or whatever, but really? Let's just say you watched a movie or something. You didn't notice that almost all of the dead were sailors? That most of them died on one ship, in a horrific explosion? Soldiers? Really? I wish I could snark, but I am a sailor, and I stood on that monument, and I just can't think of anything funny to say.