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Trite, but: trying not to be too wistful that The Toast is leaving, in favor of being grateful that there was ever The Toast at all. We'll see how well I'm able to keep to that resolution when it's actually gone next week.

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My favorite recurring Toast feature. We'll miss ya, Ladies!

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That's possible, but the fact that the letter writer has apparently never held a job before suggests to me that their family background is probably pretty comfortable. But that's just an assumption.

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Probably A Day In the Life of a Troubled Male Antihero. Oh, and Why I Am Leaving New York City (" the rent is controlled by another damn wizard " gets me every time.) And I shouldn't forget As A Father of Daughters. Mallory is an incandescent font of merciless satire.

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True, but the infertility does serve a plot function, and I think it would be more interesting to see how Daenerys handles the thorny succession issue than to hit a reset button.

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I never "got" claustrophobia until I saw that scene. Harrowing, powerful, nightmare-inducing stuff.

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Comparing his writing and acting credits, it looks like he only sometimes appears in the episodes that he writes, so I don't think he's just being credited as a writer for improvising his own lines.

And it looks like as of last year, there were 9 people in the writer's room, with 2 men:

So maybe something's changed since then, and she's talking about the group that's writing season 4.

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But is it true? I thought Paul Downs (who also plays Trey) wrote for the show. And IMDB does show him with writing credit on several episodes. (But I assume the guy who pulled this scam was not Paul Downs.)

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Joe Posnanski is the best kind of dad pleaser, because he's both good at what he does and seems like a good guy.

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Yes! It's a great book, and makes you think about New York differently (if you live and/or spend time in New York). With all the problems the subway is experiencing, it's both frustrating (because Moses had a huge hand in creating a city that's far too oriented around cars) and kind of inspiring/hopeful (because it seems to show that change is possible, when so often everything seems stuck).