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Aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... why you buy Acerrrrrrrrrrr....

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i know this will be a good read... ur making me cry at 1.43am on a saturday.

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You can scrape off the run word.. and put the nick word in. Easy peasy... urmm.. but dun post the picture here la.. nanti Skechers marah lu.

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Some bit of rain is great... as we can save on aircon aircon aircon :D

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We will make a note and remember to post :D thanks for the heads up :)

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It sure takes a lot of determination and hardwork. Thank you for sharing the tips :)

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Pool ah?? i tot you meant Poo *LOL*

its so hot here.. we are losing so much weight.. we are getting blown away. A really really cold beer sounds like a pretty good idea now.

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Its wonderful that you open your home to a senior dog. Any dog at 11 yrs are usually harder to be adopted. I think with time, both Kelly and Brooks will be great friends.

Dom is a very jealous dog too. He usually will not let another dog come near me. Dom usually must be by my side if i were to give Piper any attention. Sometimes Dom just pushes my hand away if i were to pet Piper. I think that would be jealousy. hahahaha.. but.. they are good friends :)

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Urmm... you are not suppose to dee vooulge this to anyone.. now you are in them troubles my good man. Start hidings. quicks.

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hoot hoot hoooooooooooooooooooooot