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You know that feeling you get, at the end of a really good concert, when you know it's the last song? Everyone around you is holding up their lighters and phones and singing along, and there's the knowledge that you're all sharing this amazing moment together. And when the song's over, you step outside but you take that moment with you, that experience of singing your hearts out as one.

That's what the Toast was to me. I'm so grateful I could sing with you.

See you on the open water, fellow Toasties.

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Feel like an eejit asking, but... how do you Toast slack?

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Cambridge has a small village called Grantchester which is a lovely place for a walk by the river. They have several pubs to choose from.

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This is way too late, but hey. Please send good thoughts.
I'm in my third French city in as many days, trying to fly home. My camping holiday was lovely, but my flights back keep getting cancelled and the airline (rhymes with measley wet) can only get me flights leaving from different airports. And naturally I have to pay for transporting my family to each place, the airline will just pay me back later. I'm so tired. Happy feelings, good wishes, karma, whatever... please send it my way.

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Hello hello I live in Cambridgeshire! It is the best, tell me if you need any Cambs-related info!

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I dunno, if you're also drinking white wine because your feet hurt, we could be brain twins!
What are your other two faves? Be warned, if you say Diana Wynne-Jones and Georgette Heyer I might look into whether I was secretly adopted.

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And she cleans out that little girl's cut! And puts clean blankets on the donkeys! She's the best.
Would you mind naming some references for me? I was really intrigued because I love Peters' (or Michaels') work and was always bummed that nobody much talked about her influence, when (for example) Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series wouldn't exist without Amelia Peabody.
I've never properly articulated it to anyone but Emerson is my top choice for best fictional love interest. From his description, physical prowess, and his way of speaking you'd think he's this alpha male jerkface, but no! He's competent but doesn't mind looking ridiculous and he has no problem with intelligent women. He just wants everyone to classify their potsherds. Not only is he aware of his emotions, he secretly has a gooey centre made entirely of treacle. I love that Amelia had to make the first move to talk to him but he was first to say he loved her, I love that he argued himself into kissing her because he thought he was going to get shot, I love that he played matchmaker for Walter and Evelyn in the most annoying way possible, I love how socially awkward he is when he's not on a dig. I have so very many feelings about Amelia and Emerson.

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but with bigger (melting, intelligent) eyes and one of those trendy undercut-type hairstyles, and you will understand why my face develops severe sunburn whenever I go over there

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Huurrrgh OK I'm glad you brought it up, bc I'm very happily attached but still crushing on this dude who works in one of the other labs I visit at work. He looks like a hotter Ranbir Kapoor, has gotta be five years younger than me, and I'd probably break him in half, but gosh he looks good in his lab coat.

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Elizabeth Peters' Crocodile on the Sandbank because my hardcore fave heroine of all time is Amelia Peabody, who is an Egyptologist and feminist who solves mysteries and absolutely will hit you with her parasol if you get in her way.
The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope, which you might think is about Robin Hood but no, it's about Colonial America and ghosts and women outsmarting dudes, even though the ending is old fashioned I love it.
To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis, time travel and dry humour and all the jokes about Victorian England.
The Warrior's Apprentice by Lois McMaster Bujold, a teenage genius with physical disabilities accidentally forms his own fleet of space mercenaries.