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ooooh! I fell in love with the last one!!! It's super sexy.. plus I adore those V-neck type of tops, that's why I like it ^_^

I love my black tube dress.. (the one I wore the last time I went clubbing.. you saw that on my post, right? ^_^) I don't know why.. but I think it sort of gave me extra sex appeal! HAHAHA! :))

I'm not really a "dress-girl" since I don't usually practice "class" and "poise".. I'm always the "one-of-the-boys" type, so I go for pants and shorts.. but it depends on the situation. If the occasion calls me to wear a dress, then so be it :)

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wow! this is sooo cool! having a get-together event for all bloggers! too bad I can't join coz I'm not scheduled to go home until March. hehe ^_^ anyway, enjoy the event! :)
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award! naaliw naman ako Barbie-inspired ang make-up mo! ^_^ gusto kong itry kaso wala talaga akong skils pagdating sa pagmamakeup! hahaha! :D
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oh wow! another make-up info! ^_^

anyway, funny you asked those questions. I don't have a make-up collection since I'm not really in to "dolling myself up".. but then after I read Yesha's post, and this, I think I wanna have my own collection too! and who knows? maybe one day I'll be blogging about them too.. but then, I'll leave the video tutorial to you! ^_^ hehe :)

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aaaaw.. I can't.. sorry.. anyway, sorry it took me more than a week to drop by your site! :D kisses!
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HAHAHA! sis, dedma sa haters! as long as you enjoy and LOVE what you are doing, don't let them stop you. ok? support lang kame sayo all the way! PAK! ;)

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So what about people who are not in the Philippines? :(
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I grew up using deodorants because my mom said so.. That's why when I read that you don't use one, I was like "is this girl serious?" hehe :)

anyway, I use Safeguard as my soap because I have a very sensitive skin. VERY sensitive. It's like when I'm somewhere polluted & hot, my skin gets itchy and sometimes rashes break out. The doctor advised me to use an antibacterial soap and NEVER beauty soaps. I don't have dry skin because I put on lotion after bathing. But as of the moment, I'm using Cocoa Butter coz they said it's better for the skin :)
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I am so envying the talents showcased in this online magazine.. I hope I have that talent too :| anyway, nice layout makeover. It's really "matured" ^_^ I honestly don't know where I can apply for link exchange, so I guess I'll just ask you here in this comment. hehe.. LINK EX? haha! you're already on my list :)
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oooooh I love your slippers!!! do they have it in color pink too??? ^_^

and I super love the pink shirt you bought. It looks like the fabric/cloth that they used in the shirt is very comfortable and will give you a perfect fit ;)

you are soooooo lucky with the last piece of skirt! congratulations! haha! by the way, I do hope this will be the last, time to save money! Christmas is fast approaching! ;)
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