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I agree with your approach and REALLY appreciate you sharing your candid thoughts. I have taken a very similar approach/stance with my kindergarten-age son. I am VERY careful about the friends he interacts with and have the same rule on sleepovers.

Thank you!
Amy Fenton Lee

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Amen, Amen, Amen!
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Wayne! It was SO great to meet you and just talk. There is something pretty cool about being with people who share your passions. Now, I'm just waiting for all that writing from you! I left Lexington with some great memories and am already looking forward to next year. :)
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Hi Wayne! Yes - I'll be in Lexington. I'm doing a Sit-in on special needs ministry. I am toying with the idea of doing something along the lines of "How Special Needs will change children's ministry and church culture over the next 5 years"....still pondering (I welcome feedback from anyone!). Anyway, when I'm not doing the sit-in and discussion group, I'll be with Ryan, Tina & gang at the Kidzmatter booth.

Can't wait to meet you Wayne!
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Excellent post! Well written and very timely in my life.

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JC! I started seeing hits to "The Inclusive Church" blog ( this link and looked you up! Wow! GREAT blog - and THANK YOU so much for the "kudos". I put a lot of sweat and heart into writing the posts for "The Inclusive Church" and it is incredibly affirming to hear from people like you who appreciate the content! Please keep in touch! I'm not too far from you in Hotlanta! All the best to you - and I look forward to more dialogue! - Amy Fenton Lee

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Thanks for posting the articles from The Inclusive Church blog! We are glad to get the word out about this resource for children's ministries looking for guidance to include children with special needs. Thanks again! - Amy Fenton Lee
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