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OK, I'll give it a rest.

Now explain why Christie turned down a Romney request to campaign with him in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

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"We have these things called..."

It wasn't persuasive when he said it. Is the contemporary environment in the US such that people can't recognize this for what it is without thinking about it?

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Disagree that Obama squeaked by with a win because Romney missed an opportunity to hammer him on Libya at that particular moment. Obama's being hammered on it right now.

This person suggests Romney was superb and says that he's solved the problem of how to call a person a liar in a polite way while making the point.

Remember also how Romney tied Obama to Bush with the deficits. That was well done.

And for all the Crowley bashing, she did nothing to stop Romney when he ripped into the Obama economic record.

Are you missing the forest for the trees?

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Have you seen this piece by Dov Fisher?

He was pleased because he thinks this knocks out the indiscriminate use of the Commerce Clause for good.

He also seems to think it was politically motivated in part, keeping it as an election issue rather than having everyone forget it by November.

He also quotes Roberts on different pages:

"The Federal Government does not have the power to order people to buy health insurance. . . . The Federal Government does have the power to impose a tax on those without health insurance." (National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, Slip op. at 3, 41-42, 44)"

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Most of the same factors apply now as they did in 2008, some of which were ticket balancing. Young black guy relatively inexperienced in national and international politics, runs with old white guy with years in the Senate and supposedly a foreign policy expert (I know, I know). An added bonus is that Biden has no appeal on his own whatsoever, so is unlikely to ever steal the limelight. (Clinton would; it's instant gossip column time every day for reporters with HRC as VP.)

Finally, LBJ once said of an opponent that he "wanted his (male member) in his pocket." After Biden's brainless comment about Obama as "the first bright, clean well-spoken black man" in the 2008 debates, Obama has always had Biden's in his pocket.

And don't forget that photo that Drudge likes, of an Obama who can barely conceal his contempt for Biden.

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Exactly, pillageidiot. When did a lack of legit registration prevent Democrats from voting. Two or three times, just to make sure.

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"(Nicholson) is the worst case of miscasting in movie history in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (McMurphy is supposed to be a huge red-headed Irishman, not a 5’10” counterculture weasel)"

Irrelevant to the point. Sam Spade has blonde hair in the book, and Humphrey Bogart doesn't, but he fit the role. That's why movies are exercises in imagination.