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Awesome post. Being enough was always one of those things I'd hear Molly say in groups, or read on the blog, but for some reason it was just never easy to believe, you know? The ridiculous expectations we have of ourselves (and the accompanying thought of accomplishing those expectations and THAT is when we are enough) can be crippling. So I like the idea of not trying to reach a certain place where we've done xyz and our lives look the specific way we've always envisioned, but instead trying to just get to a place of feeling at ease with our life as a process, and having THAT be what "enough" is! :)

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Oh, Miss Molly. You are so wise. I think that I've needed someone to ask me lately, "When you think back to what you did today or yesterday or this weekend, are those days representative of the desires you hold for your life? Are they snapshots of the kind of woman you want to be? Are they examples of the kind of life you want to live?" I think part of my answer is yes, and part of my answer is no. So I need to really work on expanding that Yes part, and practicing a lot of #2 and #3. Thanks, lady!

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A perfect post for today, when fear of certain things has been making me just a biiiiit hesitant. *HUGE hug*

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I'm pretty much in the same debt boat as you, so i totally sympathize...but I also think it's completely possible for us to get out of it (hurray!). And maybe for a little more inspiration: have you checked out Ashley's "A Story of Debt" blog (and e-book)? http://www.astoryofdebt.com/ Lots of luck!

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Adding these two books to my must-read list.  I actually own Gifts of Imperfections and have started it a bunch of times, then just never finished for some reason or other.  Will definitely work my way through them this time around.  Thanks, lady!

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"And you discover that in order to make a new life, you have to be willing to be courageous. Not brave, but courageous." I literally had this same conversation with myself THIS MORNING. And I couldn't help but think how it's so damn hard to be courageous sometimes. Giving you a big, right-there-with-ya hug!

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That's what I keep telling myself.  I'm trying to see it as a learning experience, because there just has GOT to be something good that comes out of it!  It helps to know that I'm not alone!  :)

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Seriously! At a certain point, they asked if I had any questions for them. And I'm like, really? Why would I want to drag this on? Uuuugh. I think all interviewers should have to give you wine when the interview is done. It's the only way to make things better. :)

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I literally just want to give you a hug right now. So glad you found Stratejoy. Things are going to be okay.

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There are definitely moments -- often long, drawn out ones -- when I think, "This is not where I was supposed to be with my life at 28." I'm supposed to have a career, have 2.5 kids and a house, have traveled the world over, got all this EXTRA out of my system. Those are the toughest. So I'm really looking forward to reading about your journey as I go through my own. One thing I totally believe? It's going to be okay. You're here, you have the Stratejoy community, so it's definitely going to be okay. :)