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"A generality, an assumption. Yes, this might be his motivation, but that is not sure. He states plenty other motivations and have you proven or can you even prove that that is untrue? Isn't the burden of proof for such a claim on you? "

Yes. And I have done so. In the above comment strand and in past comments exchanged with him.

- - -

"Do you allow us to judge motivation of you, fellow-Muslims and even Mohammed, so blatantly as you do his?"

huh? My allowing HAS nothing to do with it. You pass plenty of "blatant judgements" of me already.

- - -

"If so we can level a lot at them too. "

You already do! Don't pretend otherwise.

- - -

"If not, let us all please refrain from deflecting from topics by discrediting opponents and their alleged motivation. "

You NEVER discuss topics . . . As I have shown your motivation is to make up lost ground . . . hence your repeated targeting of comments!

And then there is your DISHONESTY . . . that "topics" are being ignored.. . . . try actually reading rather than being in hurry to simply pass judgment on me.

Something which you have been doing a LOT lately.

As I have already pointed out.

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"Evidence will at best for you show that time and again there was stalemate."

Simply NOT true. And dishonest of you to claim so. As it more of Western standard of debating where evidence is of utmost importance. In the sense it is for some time the West who has advanced this.

On one hand for you to to champion West and its alleged goodness. . . .then many times when it comes down it to it - then to disregard is at MINIMUM dishonest.

- - -

"As demerits, possible or real, of Islam were amply discussed and Islam was defended by you in contradicting claims of opponents, and by stressing demerits of opponents, but hardly ever by presenting and promoting MERITS of Islam. "

Read this BACK to yourself . . . you lost the meaning in the jumble of a paragraph

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"Drop this racist stupidity."

"White men are a million times better than Muslim men in every sense. "


There are actually millions of "white" Muslims.

Just as Zitouni meant - non Muslim

So do you. . . .


- - -

Try worrying about your own racism . . . . this support of EDL, for instance.

Hand in had with the mad Geller.

- - -

Another NAIL in the coffin of Sina's poor thinking.

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Ha ha ha . . .Sina comes out to protect one his creations!

But look how poorly. Is that it?

Pontifications and Sanctimony and er . . . "advice".

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" I told him how Mo said kill all infidels jewish and christians. he refuses to admit.

Did you just say it - or gave him some evidence as well?

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"The new game Now is muslim ladies trap white guys"

Oh the stupidity of the "white people" . . .. really can't you people come up with some plausible deception?

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I don't think this alleged woman wears the "Hijab"

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Those who say its fake are Muslims and they believe in the most evil, destructive cult that Earth has ever seen, so what can we expect of them? Only negativity and destruction.

A round about argument.

Saying this:

"they believe in the most evil, destructive cult that Earth has ever seen, so what can we expect of them? "

Doesn't let you off the hook in that - if someone raises objection - this doesn't counter it.

In fact - it gives highlights that you could not answer objections . . . hence there is something to suspicions!

- - -

Just as you propose that it s the "Muslims" that are doubters. . . . so the Muslims can simply propose - it is ONLY the anti-Muslims that for this.

- - -

However the SUSPICIONS . . . . which you did NOT target are still there.

Jog on dearie. . .

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"The world laughs at you and when it doesn't, it hates you. "

Says it all doesn't - Truth eventually comes.

- - -

"These Muslims will believe in anything like that winged mule Muhammad rode"

Look how TRUTHFUL - the hatemongers are!

They cannot protect their lies . . . but still repeat them.

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"You can also say that in this way, before Ali Sina and others condemn one evil and heinous act of muslims, before the pot starts getting cold, muslims committ another more heinous and more condemnable act. They are faster than Ali Sina. "

Sure like this act: