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12 years ago @ The Emotion Machine - Peace Amidst The Pain · 0 replies · +1 points


I love the idea of looking at the world with curiosity whether something is bitter or sweet or bitter sweet. I'm a big fan of Pema Chodron and I agree that it makes the most sense to use pain for transformation. These are three excellent approaches. The practice of Tonglen, in particular, is extremely profound. Thanks for telling us about them.

It was also fascinating to learn: "A regular practice actually, physically changes your brain in as little as 8 weeks recent studies show."
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12 years ago @ The Emotion Machine - What Makes People Happy? · 0 replies · +1 points

This was a really fascinating article! Thank you so much. Although it's a little tricky for me to understand how it plays out. If we have bad genes does that mean we are depressed or anxious 50% of the time but can be happy 40% of the time through intention? Or does it mean that we can overcome the effect of our genes entirely through intention? Would love to know your thoughts on this.
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13 years ago @ The Emotion Machine - PsychNews: Oct. 17 - 23 · 0 replies · +1 points

Hi Steven,

Your Psych Review is like a weekly gift!

I was fascinated by the "persuasive" effect of swearing. When I read swear words on Twitter, in blog titles, and blog articles - like WTF, kick-ass, and others - I am seriously persuaded that the death of eloquence has occurred!

Thanks for the overview.
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I'm entranced by your idea of how mindfulness can help us capture more creative ideas and insights. Mindfulness definitely minimizes the excess and unnecessary of mind. Interesting article!
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These are terrific. Thank you for these ideas. Here's another one - I have pinpointed several blogs that always lift my spirits. I just click on over to them when I need a lift.

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Very eloquent. The message is so beautiful: the greatest gift we can give to others is to allow them to unfold. Thank you, Robin!

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Definitely guilty as charged! Loved this take and this advice. Now I need to get with it!
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Excellent. You are so right, the road is well mapped out. I've been under the influence of more than one of these! Especially the one about just needing to write great content. I love your emphasis on how readers come to your blog for an experience. People often say mine is a serene, calm place. I agree, most great bloggers are not necessarily great writers!
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13 years ago @ Abubakar Jamil.Com - Do You Believe in God? · 2 replies · +1 points

Abubakar, A provocative question! I follow a Buddhist path, which does not hold a belief in God, per se. Central to my path is the idea that we all have buddha nature within, which is fundamental goodness and more, but could also be seen as the Godliness in us. I called my blog Always Well Within because in my tradition "Always Well" is the translation for the Sanskrit word for primordial buddha. In Buddhism, the sky is one analogy for the emptiness aspect of mind, the vast space from which all arises. In this way, looking to the sky is a great reminder of our true nature which is both empty but full of potential.

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Abubakar, I don't remember the first personal development book that I read, but Covey's book was one of the first. It was and is such a standout and knockout. Thanks for taking us down memory lane, when life was so different and helping us to appreciate the masterful guides who have helped us.