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It's crazy: Everyone knows that the strategy of the US has been to take out the countries of the middle's no secret and the zionists are making sure that America does its wishes...They have managed to wreck country after country. Of course Israel with their nuclear weapons (not signing the non prolification treaty) is the biggest threat to the world, as they run most of it! No thine enemy said 'I'.

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This is what the hardliners want, but Russians still love Putin and I think the heads in Washington ought to tread carefully. She Putin's popularity crumbled a bit then maybe that would be more sensible but I fear the status quo should be kept

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The British government work for the Yanks...come on the people Britain get some balls and stand up for the right of freedom for it will be your freedom

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That is so stupid they don't care what you are like!!!! they just want control. It's part of the big brother state...started around 911 false flag...everyone like you will wonder where your freedom went because you have the stupid attitude that you are good...haha You wait til you are thrown inside and say...I did nothing..then try convincing them... open your eyes and see you are not a free country...A country that produces nothing

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That's exactly what you are doing. Telling the poster what can and can't your mind

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Every sane person knows that the American government and pentagon are criminal terrorists...

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NATO should be put before the court in the Hague, for crimes against humanity

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This is not knew, it's just in the open now. The U.S. government, with the backing of NATO, seem to think that they can make up any law and then it's legal and ok. It's not ok and we all need to band together with all bloggers and saturate the net with the truth as often as possible...let the truth be known and wake up all the sleepers, who think nothing can happen to them!!

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Chevez is dead right. NATO have lied and slaughtered countless women and children. Without Nato (America) there would be no rebels. This was never an uprising, rather a paid mercenary force by NATO to ruin Libya. Under Gadaffi Libya prospered. No one had to work, they would be paid. Free education and health care. They owed nothing to the Banks (IMF). They invested their money under the name of Libya. They have gold, now looted by NATO. This is a country that was run well..and so had to be a target for the the west will get the rebuilding contracts...shameless and no big voice will stand up and condemn this....We are all on the agenda..BEWARE

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That Index is Run by the UN who are themselves corrupt
These so called rebels were not in existence long ago. Then suddenly they had an army, capable of nothing.
They suddenly had weapons, supplied by the CIA...
They had 2 cities...2 cities...its nothing without the continuous murdering attacks by the warmongering west

Libyans enjoyed a good life under leavers were paid money if they not want to health care
You don't get that in the States...

No the reasons for the attacks are a simple..Gadaffi refused to borrow from the bankers and gave contracts to the Chinese
Get a grip on what is really happening...this is a war on china and russia and the US wants control of these regions

Iraq has not been a cock up...everything is going to plan
No stability..US troops having to stay there..more control of the area
Common stop reading newspapers and watching your TV