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I probably should chuck books I am not enjoying, but I just can't seem to get there. It did get me in the gym so I'm going to try to continue. I think that it will be a good thing. It's almost fun to go with the prospect of getting more read each time I go. That being said, I hope my next book was more enjoyable than this one!

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That's an interesting point. I do try to not let too much information go in my reviews on my blog so that I don't spoil the book for others which is part of why I didn't talk much about Sachtleben. I would agree with you to a point. I think the Epilogue kind of undoes that a bit. I felt like the Epilogue was like reading an entirely different book. I felt like the story became something of a stranger when I read it. I am still thinking about it.

Can't wait to talk to you about the book! Robert just took it from me yesterday so I'm sure it will be soon. Good choice, Roger. I really enjoyed this one!

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I think you'd really like him. The book is definitely a fun read. It doesn't slog along like some books. I can't wait to get back to the trilogy! Game of Thrones is a great read too! You'll have to let me know how it all goes!

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Someone in my work rogue book club thought the characters filled the slot they were put into as well, but everyone still enjoyed the book.

I'm with you. I didn't really find any of the scenes shockingly violent. I thought the fight scenes were actually quite fun. I could figure out what was going on even though I typically am not able to visualize the fight scenes. We should read the second together. I am going to post your review on my Facebook page tomorrow to give another point of view. I thought your review was well done even though I think we felt somewhat different about the book.

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Maybe you should try this one. I have been in one too. I just don't feel like doing much of anything lately. LOL! I've been watching more TV and reading less. This book though, made me want to come home and read. I really enjoyed it. I am aching to read Well of Ascension, but I committed to reading a non-fiction book called The Lost Cyclist next. I'm feeling uninspired.

Hope all has been well with you. It's been a long time since I posted so I haven't talked to you in a long time!

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Rufus Griswold...that just sounds sinister! Hehe! I actually don't really know anything about Poe. We read The Fall of the House of Usher in school, but I think that is the only poem I've read of his completely. I will have to download some of his work! Thanks for posting it. It was really interesting!

Oh, and by the way, I successfully went to a bookstore and bought nothing--I even passed up the sale table (I did buy a book to send to a friend which you said was allowed). How is your book buying ban going? I saw you said it wouldn't be so difficult after you found out how much your school books would cost!

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I really like your Thursday 13. It is very insightful and I think you have a firm grip on who you are. I think that is very admirable!

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If you want something fast I'd go with Angels and Demons or Deja Dead. If you want a meaty read I'd go with Crime and Punishment.

I love this idea. Definitely signing up for this!

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I really need to read Philippa Gregory someday. It seems like everyone loves her books!

I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I posted the picture of the copy of Stolen by Kelley Armstrong you sent me for your 222 Follower Giveaway. Thanks again! I hope I can get to it soon.

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That puppy picture is SO cute. I'm really sorry about the flooding in your basement! I hope things start going better for you--laptop, flooding, storms and all! :)