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The obviusly eating disordered aging spinster Coulter has an unatural infatuation with first Christie and now Romney Christie's approved presidential nominee. The scrawny Coulter seems to have falllen into a neurotic derangement syndrome such as that commonly found among disoriented thiteen year old girl celebrity obsessed losers.

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Well, the reason he brought it up is that it will come up in the general election if he is the nominee. I have no doubt that Santorum would make a good President, but I mentioned it here for two reasons.

1. Kevin has repeatedly asked for things that will be used against Santorum.
2. It will hurt him in a general election, because these are things that will turn off moderate/independent voters. That's why I said they're "damning."

All opinions of Boortz aside, they're direct quotes from Santorum, and anybody can replay them to Santorum's disadvantage.

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Neal Boortz was just playing some pretty damning clips of Santorum from several years ago saying he doesn't believe in birth control, because it "doesn't work." He explained that as a society, birth control shouldn't be something we support, because it encourages sex outside of marriage and sex among teenagers. In another one, he very spoke very adamantly against Libertarianism, saying he was intent on quashing any Libertarian influence within the Republican party.

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David Letterman was just making fun of Romney's dog incident...talking about a President needing to make good decisions...

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Actually, there is a box...or at least there used to be. My parents had one for several years. In fact, I think they had to have a box for every television in the house. I've gotten the notebook in the mail, too, but I believe they use that data to determine statistical data about people, including how much television they watch, to potentially select people to send the box to. I'm almost certain my parents did the notebook before they got the box. They may also use that data as a second check to make sure they're still getting accurate info from the "box-holders." I'm not really sure how they make those decisions, but one day they just told my parents they were taking their box away and they did. No explanation. (My parents tend to leave their TV on all day long, even when nobody's watching, so that may have something to do with it.)

Anyway...just thought I'd let you know. It's still really pathetic that she has to tell people to watch her show. It actually makes me feel sad for her.

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Also, it's an interesting perspective from somebody who's never actually served in the armed forces...just sayin'

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Without getting too much into the logistics of the argument here, this isn't go to look good for him. He's made similar remarks about women in the past. He's old-fashioned. That's long as it's between him and his wife. The fact of the matter is that the majority of Americans believe women should be able to serve in combat roles. Most of us are reasonable, rational individuals, who don't adhere to feminazi beliefs, but when you start trying to take the blame off the women and say, "No,'s not you, it's the men..." we see right through that BS. If a man can't do his job effectively, he needs to find another line of work. Don't blame and punish the women for your faults.

10 years ago @ - Rick Santorum at CPAC:... · 5 replies · +5 points I'm not linking this 'cause I couldn't decide which leftist rag to forward all the hits to. But you can do a websearch. It's all over the place. Santorum is in hot water AGAIN for his remarks in regards to women. Basically, he doesn't believe women should be allowed in combat, because of the "emotions," not of the women themselves, but the men working alongside them. Well, I have news for him. If the men are too emotional to handle it, perhaps the problem isn't the women...

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You're right. The kids are completely uninterested in being there.

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I agee. Let it all play out. The two of them seem to be doing just fine so far. I think it's too early to say that someone HAS to drop out before (or even after) Super Tuesday. I've been a Newt supporter for a while now and I disagreed with him that Santorum should drop out. Now that the shoe's on the other foot, I say the same thing. Let them all stay in. Things will begin to work themselves out.