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It is said that Patroclus and Achilles are locked in the eternal cuddle in the Elysium Fields.

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This Toast piece was both tragic and touching to read. Thank you.

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I agree. In my Church, there's a beautiful phrase said by the priest during each Mass: "The mystery of faith." In essence, it's the moment where we acknowledge the sheer paradox of bread and wine becoming the Body and Blood of Christ. It's the Divine meeting the material world. Something that's revealed beyond human reason. Something that we're not supposed to comprehend or rationalize 100%.

And in any case, I can just enjoy the poetry of the rite.

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I could stand to read more of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's version of this novel, if you please.

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This speaks to me so much! Growing up, I was never comfortable with most Mexican or Latino characters in TV shows and movies. Now, I'm a sucker for them because I'm far more comfortable being identified as Latino. In my case, it took watching Jimmy Smits in The West Wing and Blue Beetle in Young Justice to help me find that self-acceptance.

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Non-gay Catholic here, but I have to say I love your story. The "Hail Mary" has always stuck with me because of its simple but effective rhythm. And I, too, don't understand the evangelical obsession with open, public prayer methods. I hope that one day there is a Church with a big enough heart to recognize and accept love in all its forms.

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"The guys are figuring themselves out just like you are."

Yeah, we are (what? I'm not ashamed to admit it).

I grew up in a Catholic background, so a lot of the evangelical "purity culture" is the first I've heard of it. Our tradition, I think, has similar principles, but I've always heard better (and healthier) teachings from priests who were friends of our family. Namely, the idea that sex is a beautiful thing, but we should use it wisely and (hopefully) in the context of the Sacrament of Matrimony. We're also pretty big against cohabitation between the sexes, but I know more Catholics than not who've done it and still get the church wedding.

Also, thanks to Verdell, Sarah, Keisha, and Lola for giving us this discussion. I love seeing "faith in the real world" as an actual topic of conversation.

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Same, but in college. My History of English Lit professor was a huge Chaucer fan, so we all had to visit him during office hours and recite the first 18 lines in the original Middle English. By rote. At the start of the semester.

I mean, I did it, I passed, but seriously, Professor: why did we need to prove this to you?

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How on Earth did you guess my personal nickname for my cat, Mallory? Bravo.