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We knew it was temporary and have cut our cloth accordingly. Is there any evidence, beyond supposition, that extending the SDLT holiday will have any noticeable depressive effect on the market? There may be an argument for reducing stamp duty land tax in the long term, but another procrastination may be a pointless loss of revenue.

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Opposition is the usual virtue-signalling - vice-action. It is cheap-shot soundbites with no need for facts or figures.

The environment will benefit from our eliminating the use of coal, but for now, blast furnaces still need it, so it is only a question of where it comes from. If a mine opens in Cumberland, no more coal is being burnt and if the mine is prevented, no less is burnt: it is just different, imported coal. Brown coal from Germany / Silesia is worse for the environment too.

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Commentators may mock, but we in our comfortable suburban home, are going green,

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My pocket and yours, then when borrowed it comes from my children's pockets. Spending needs to be slashed. I can't afford this spendthriftness.

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A pointless waste, when the Treasury is empty and debt racked upto the highest ever level. The money would be better spent, well, not being spent.

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Very clearly put - thank you.

It appears that the promoters of the amendment, though with honest intent, just want to force someone or something to make an "official" pronouncement that the (Mainland) Chinese government is committing genocide in Turkestan, irrespective of the consequences. An 'official' declaration makes no difference though: the whole world already knows that that it is genocide.

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Due to hit the streets at 9 am on 1 January 2025 - and to hit a pedestrian at 9:01.

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NASA has an enormous annual budget allowing them to send deep-space probes across the solar system even on throw-away rockets and such that they are planning to put a crew back on the Moon in a couple of years' time. That enormous budget is still peanuts compared with the sums our government wastes on consultants for projects that are abandoned, vanity builds, private subsidies and the like.

Satellite-launching is a private enterprise matter these days (and two of the leading providers are British, or South African, which is barely different). The government challenge is in big-ticket shows or military applications.

One thing they could do is to lay a runway solid enough for a Skylon, on the East Coast or on Ascension.

After the Treasury recovers from the current fiscal crisis in a few years' time, our government could well afford to put a Briton on the Moon or a like project to restore the nation to its old self-confidence. It was always a mission of the Empire to boldly go where no cultured man had gone before. They would first though have to stop throwing £billions in the bin each year.

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Whylom þer was dwellinge at Leycester
Wiþ nat an single boke a povre scoler,
Had lern'd no art, but al his fantasye
Was turned for to lerne wokerye,

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Nicola could be caught beheading pensioners with a claymore on the Royal Mile in a cloud of opium smoke and Smirnoff, and the only word you'd hear against her would be her choice of tipple. The SNP is corrupt, tyrannical, incompetent and at odds with all public opinion, but they increase their vote every time.