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When it comes to social media - eg twitter, youtube/google or facebook electoral law is wildly out of date. Only 40% of young people watch TV. I personally think TV will become insignificant. The BBC fee will no longer be justifiable when nobody watches it. In future assume all news will come via the internet.

The key point is to distinguish between content and platform.

You cannot supress content. People will create channels on what ever platform is available. You cannot stop channels being created. You cannot supress software.

When it comes to elections you can simply regulate political
spending so that it covers all platforms. Platform specific regulations, such as party political broadcasts should be scraped. It should come to money and creativity

Any attempt to control political content will be forced to either start with or end with the BBC news/current affairs being scraped. You cannot regulate content without starting with the biggest content provider in the UK, the BBC. You cannot regulate the internet without it ending with the removal of the BBC.

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Unfortunately you have a bunch of anti-capitalists zealots who believe jews run the banks mixed up with a bunch of religious zealots who believe jews only recently took over their land. Both views are 180 degree distortions on reality. Reason and logic have left both parties and their focus on their end goals of destroying banking or Israel means they dont focus on their extensive mutually incompatible beliefs about religion, economics or liberalism nor the full reality of their intended goals of a theocratic or secular state.

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Third wave femmisim is Political cyanide.

Better idea, put your voters ahead of your own virtue signalling ego.

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I dont understand why people are wasting their time on a party who is about to lose half their voters. Come back in 30 years when people can trust conservative politicians to deliver the referendum.

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May is a lying, two-faced anti-democrat.

Clegg's Unin fees lies cost the LibDems 63% of their votes.

By conincidence 61% of Conservative voters voted Brexit.

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... Nick Clegg. Lying cost him a fall from 22% to 8% of GE votes ... a 64% drop in votes.

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I have had a quick review of the Conservatives social media - DM, DT, DE, Order-order. I didn't do a formal analysis because it wasn't necessary.

Pretty much every comment is furious at May. You could tell during the Brexit debate things were going the leave way because the weight of comments and the fact comment section on the Guardian and Independent were 50% Brexit.

It's also clear a lot of the editors - e.g. DM and order-order are saying the deal was a good one. However all leave comments are responding by question the editors as being deluded

However you must not fool yourself. One editor in the DM vs 10,000 angry comments isn't going to make more than a dent in the overall criticism.

May appears to have been so focused on starting the negotiations that she has taken her eyes off the popularity of the party. I can say with as much certainty as the sun rising in the morning that May has lost at least 30% of the popular vote. To make things worse for the party many comments are angry with the cabinet as well.

The next election is now unwinnable. Even with an unabashed Marxist as the main opposition. Not only is the next election unwinnable but I think at a very minimum the Conservatives are looking at losing 80 seats and I would put it as high as losing 150 seats.

Of course some of the responses on this website will be optimistic and myopic. Once the next set of polls come out reality will dawn on many conservative MPs how hopeless their position has become.

I say this having helped photoshop Political satire 10 years ago on order-order and have been told Gordon Brown fumed at me. I also "lead" many of the arguments in left wing social media for Brexit to make way for other Brexit comments to follow. If you want to know who can swing elections it's not the Russians it's a few people like me. So I have a very good instinct on political things in social media and my instinct is the Conservatives are wiped out politically.

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This rate rise is not about economics. It's 1/4 of a mumbled apology a year after believing his own project fear nonsense.

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The British voted for getting out the EU and the Remain campaign stated clearly that included the European Court of Human Rights, as part of project Fear.

For those Remainers whose minds are still cloudy, let me remind you Leaving the EU is not a wish list, it is democratic imperative.

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Would the public pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime instead of the BBC ? You bet.