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A long time ago I started asking my readers to share their thoughts in the comments section about a specific question related to the post. It has increased comments tremendously, and I think that it lets my readers know that I genuinely want to hear what they have to say. Of course, I also have to mention CommentLuv for those regular commenters who are also bloggers. That one definitely increased the number of comments posted by my group of consistent commenters.

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What a great post. I agree with both lists, and I had to chuckle at most of the items in the "one more person with a blog list" which is funny because it is oh so true. I have to admit that I don't meet the criteria # 4 on the blogger list since I do only post once a week, but my Golden Rule is to only post when I have something worth writing about and I just can't seem to hit those topics more than once a week.