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Nice trailer, but I wish the ending would have said "Star Wars - The Horse Awakens" :)

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Just look it up, they're quite fun, silly and some of them are even with the original voice-actors. Start here:

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You do know, they are based mostly on what YOU like to watch, right?

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I especially like the title of this picture, together with the description:

"I won't lie anymore
... I don't have to"

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IMDB never used the mathematical average. If there are too many 10s or 1s it weights them a lot less to counter spam. If you really like a movie, never give it a 10, a 9 will increase the score more.

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Which webcomics will be posted in the roundups and which ones will not? I'm just asking because Gamercat is actually the 123. webcomic with a pony reference. You can see the whole list here:

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It is important to note, that on some devices, the game refused to load 4 out of 5 times after a while. For me, it was only possible to start the game in Flight mode and only immediately after I restarted the ipod, in all other cases it would crash. The update finally fixed this!

Not that this would ever get me to pay anything for the game with these prices (I would have been ok with paying 2-3 dollars, but this is just ridiculous) but at least it is possible again to start the game again and see all my ponies, trapped in a little prison out of trees, where they never can escape...

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I like how Blizzard was able to predict what would happen to Rarity in Diablo 3:

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I'm not quite sure how it can be much worse than the mental image of 12-year olds torturing others to death and then getting a big sign from destiny that says, "hey, you're really awesome at this" which they then celebrate...
So no. I'm not going to read Project Horizons ;)

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Well, while it is not a graphic scene, there are ponies with cutie marks related to rape, torture and gore. If you think about the story that has to be behind such a thing, that's kinda worse than a lot of stuff that could have been written out in the story. It's kinda what made me stop reading FoE after 20 chapters or so.