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I enjoyed Skyfall, though I noticed the Moriarty similarity as well. I hadn't noticed that it so closely mirrors the BBC Sherlock (although I did re-watch season 2 this afternoon so perhaps I should have). My only complaint with any villain with a weird accent is that it runs the risk of making them seem silly. Both the latest Moriartys (movie and TV show versions) haven't been anywhere near as intimidating as he is in the books (and in Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentleman - the comic obviously, not the atrocity of the movie).
I liked that the accent arose from Silva's attempt to take cyanide - it made for some interesting back story. I do worry that they only did it to make him seem different to Bond rather than repeat the Sean Bean/Pierce Brosnan relationship from Goldeneye. I also wondered why a guy with a Hispanic accent and ancestry appeared to be an MI6 agent.
I'd rank Skyfall about level with The World is Not Enough or The Spy who Loved Me. I was sad to see the classic Aston die though.

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Chew would actually make an awesome TV series. Would be very hard on the chicken industry though!

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My only complaint regarding Sherlock is there isn't enough of it. I could roll around in a giant vat of the writing/acting/general awesomeness from Sherlock and never get tired of it.
On a related note, you might want to hunt around for a copy of something called Crooked House by the co-writer of Sherlock, Mark Gatiss. He's a bit of a secret treasure, he's written a lot of incredibly good stuff for the beeb over here but not much of it has gotten any attention internationally. Crooked House is a pretty damn scary group of ghost stories that he wrote then aired over Christmas a few years ago (why Christmas I'll never know, but actually - getting the wind put up you while sat in a room full of mid-winter merriment was kind of like that unexpected yet welcome sour taste in the middle of some otherwise massively sweet dessert).

On a Cumberbatch related note, I cannot wait for Cumberbatch and Freeman to begin verbally sparring as Bilbo and Smaug in the second Hobbit movie - that is going to work on so many levels!

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It's not sci-fi but I'd love to see Dexter and Criminal Minds exist in the same universe. In a similar vein, I'd love to see a cross over between Castle and Bones - both feature characters who are authors working alongside law enforcement professionals. Plus I'd love to see Nathan Fillian and David Boreanaz competing for airspace :)

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I did have one pondering - why is the emergency evacuation alarm only accessible by a code locked panel? Isn't that kind of like having a fire alarm that's behind locked bullet proof glass, and only some people have the key? Or a sprinkler system that will only work if it's a Tuesday?

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Then this happens:

(Still one of my favourite things Randy has ever drawn!)

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Sinclair, not the one - to mean something that is not ready yet?

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I'm actually tempted to use "Wash, a leaf on the wind" to mean a sense of foreboding!

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I actually went into my local Blockbuster last night, and go in fairly regularly. I get tv series dvd box sets for ridiculously cheap sums! I go in every few weeks and pick up another series to watch. I also use it as a way to catch any movies I missed at the cinema - there aren't that many so it isn't worth bothering with a Love Film or Netflix account, but this way I can pick up films when I want to.
Last night there was an overgrown man-child behing the counter, but no pumas or thunderdrome style death fights (they may have been out back though, I didn't check).

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Prometheus was very pretty - that's the main thing I can say for it really so I would recommend going to see it at the cinema as opposed to waiting for the DVD if you have the spare cash as the fact that it is visually quite splendid is best enjoyed on the big screen.

I agree with most of the complaints regarding the plot, characters, and the over-all feeling of 'meh' it left with me though. I guess I was hoping for more of an Alien or Aliens than an Alien 3.