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Getting rid of the non-deployable, physically unfit, more that 25 years total time and SUPERFLUOUS flag officers is something that insiders have been demanding of the SecDef for decades. The IG post in particular is CRUCIAL to investigate boondoggles, skullduggery, misappropriations and the basic business of how the DoD interacts with its contractors, foreign governments and Congress.
Some of the posts were left vacant out of political adolescence. Whine all you want about how the Pentagon operates, but unless drastic measures are taken to change the way the puzzle palace operates, things will only get worse without key appointments in crucial positions getting filled by qualified people who understand what they are up against.

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Lighter, more accurate, longer range and smaller -- What's not to love ?

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One of my favorite Pentagon axioms that I picked up during my Army career was:
"Any similarity between what the troops actually need and what they get from the Puzzle Palace is a minor miracle cloaked in a happy coincidence".

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Apaches have done a fine job given the challenging environment and terrain of Afghanistan. Heavy cross winds at high altitudes in mountain passes where Black Hawks and even Chinooks have difficulty maintaining level flight at times plus the sand, extremes of heat and cold. Hope the ground crews in AFGN get to use the new targeting system and evaluate its capabilities and new maintenance tweaks in record time.

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Another "Non-denial, denial" from GOP Senators bent on blocking Hagel's nomination for SecDef.
As an outspoken critic of the conduct of the Bush Administration's strategy after Iraq was "secured", the antiques
are putting petty politics in front of national security. Hagel is not qualified ? Rumsfield was perfect ?
What part of being reality challenged do some of you Obama haters not understand ?

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When is the Potomac Puzzle Palace going to start following the recommendations of the Project on Government Oversight and its own Bi-Partisan Contractor Investigative Committee suggestions ? Until the DoD gets a firm handle on the basic tenets of book keeping and rewarding whistle blowers instead of firing, harassing and ignoring them, the base closings will be another band aid on a sucking chest wound.

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So long as the number of field grade officers above O-5 isn't increased and support personnel are in the mix for vehicle, aircraft and machinery maintenance this plan has merit. Start adding superflous colonels and brigadier generals and you will have another charlie foxtrot.

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Extend the Federal Holiday Weekend one extra week day on specific months to lessen the strain on acquisition and logistical support by civilian members of DoD. Sorry if this is too much common sense for some congressional types.

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For all of you Hagel haters, please access his speeches and Senate floor testimony on the conduct of the US invasion of Iraq and the Bush foreign policy in the Mid East. A lot of this cognitive dissonance is caused by a serious lack of background on how accurate Hagel has been on foreign policy in the Mid East.
If he handles reforming the way the Pentagon handles its money and listens to the Project On Government Oversight's recommendations, he could become one of the BEST we've ever had. His predecessors have set the bar of mediocrity pretty well. I am NOT a card carrying Democat, am a retired Army/Guard vet of VN & combat medic from Desert Storm.

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Don't HATE anyone dude. Just have an aversion to political hacks that deny reality and call it policy. Mistakes are made by everyone irre