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Hoping there'd be more Minuette considering the allusions to time magic on her previous cards.

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Minuette and time magic, sounds pretty interesting.

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Somewhat glad it's not in this season since I'm feeling pretty iffy about the whole idea of Fluttershy having a brother.

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Only a week to go, I can resist watching these...hopefully.

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It's a pretty neat time waster and the increased gem rewards from leveling up and from logging on daily is noticeable in comparison to the Gameloft version.

However yeah the prices for a bunch of stuff is still the high Gameloft prices which is quite a grind at times and I'm somewhat thankful that the off-timing on the Equestria Girls mini-game isn't felt by just me.

Also the expansion zones quests are quite an issue late-game since they don't count the ones you have already unlocked unlike the Gameloft version (unless this was changed in the Discord update).

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With Spotlight she seems to give off that whole general mascot-vibe with her.
However with Rocket I'm not really feeling that, he feels somewhat forced in and gives off a kind-of "just there" presence. Also I'm not really feeling him being representative of the creative-side of EQD despite somewhat seeing how he could be.

Being blunt here, besides Spotlight's Cutie Mark, I wouldn't really think of the two as being mascots of Equestria Daily or link them to it judging solely on appearance.
Of course over time that would change, but they don't really pop out as Equestria Daily-ish to me at this moment.
Sorry if this comes across as rude and I'm probably being a bit too harsh here.

On a side note, would the mascots be implemented into all future banners and the like?

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I find it admirable that people try to achieve their dreams as long as they're not fully using any means necessary, being mean to others and using people simply as stepping stones. Also personally people should at least have a go at achieving their dreams and at least live without regretting that they never tried.

However I have nothing against the other kind of people, it can be more grounded to have a non-risky job and as long as the low-skill job pays enough to ensure a person can live it should be fine (speaking ideally). Not working at all isn't really sustainable though unless there's some other means of getting money.

Also, you could say that people already try to achieve their dreams and people take a more simple route so there's already a system for all of them? If that's what you mean by system?

With the Mane 6 they would all be supportive of someone achieving their dreams and besides Rainbow Dash and Rarity (to some extent) I don't think the rest would hold it against someone for being risk-averse. Those two seem to have the biggest dreams with the former wanting to be a Wonderbolt and the latter a big fashion designer. Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy all seem to be have already achieved or are also working towards their dreams.

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Anyone having issues with the expansion zone quests? I believe there's a bug.

IIRC in the Gameloft version (unless this was changed after the Discord update) the expansion zones you have already uncovered prior to receiving that quest are taken into account for completion. Like if you had already expanded 5 zones quests regarding expansion zones you would have 5/X completed for quests that want you to uncover expansion zones.

In the Amazon Underground version you have to start from 0 for each expansion zone quest. Currently I'm now stuck/going to have to wait for a very very long time since there's an unskippable expansion zone quest "That Meanie" (after the welcoming Fluttershy quest) that requires 18 expansion zones.

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My code is 275b.

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I noticed whilst looking at the leader-boards for myself that you are able to change your name and icon by linking the game to a Facebook account.

Saw that other users also had a custom icon and name on the community leader boards so I doubt that it's only you who can see it.