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I love all the Smitten Kitchen summer cakes! The strawberry cake, the blueberry boy bait, the rhubarb snacking cake ... I think the raspberry buttermilk cake is my favorite, though. I make at least one of these every year as a birthday cake for myself.

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Nicole! You use Sublime Text! A+++

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More like leaves curling in on themselves, looking sad :(

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Ah! I bet I am overfussing a bit too. I'm an anxious plant mom!

Three rounds of flowers!! Amazing. I love the look of the lipstick plant with flowers, it is really encouraging to hear yours has successfully bloomed at home!

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I think I'm having location issues. I've tried three different spots in the apartment to try to find the best amount of light for the little guy. But the leaves on one of the stems are curling at the edges, so it's definitely not happy yet.

It may also be in too small a pot, which I can rectify next time I make it to Ikea or Home Depot.

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ZZ plants LOVE to be ignored! You are doing it right.

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I am newly obsessed with gardening and have been buying all the plants! My studio is quite small and has only one south-facing window, so the light is indirect but there all day long.

At the moment I have three pothos plants (happy and thriving), a purple heart (unsure how it's doing since it is new), an aloe plant, a snake plant that is THRILLED at how humid my bathroom is, a lipstick plant whose care I can't quite crack, two palms, and a zz plant.

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So excited for this!!

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Hi Toast. I am finally (finally!) done shedding tears over this morning's announcement, understandable and wise though it may be. (And I second the post requesting another "Hey Ladies" before the Toast goes quiet. Please please please!)

I know this is a personal request, but if anyone here has any thoughts or advice or suggestions on how to deal with being A Lady With PCOS, those would be very very welcome at this time. Since I found out on Monday that I am one, and have been one for years, without knowing. Much as it feels good to have an explanation for all these wonky things my body does, I am really struggling to come to terms with this. It has only been four days! I know! But it is hard.

Love to you all, this has been my favorite safe place on the internet for the last three years, though I comment only occasionally.

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I am halfway through Kushiel's Avatar, which I picked up on some lovely Toast's recommendation in a long-past Open Thread, and now I don't know whether to move on to the next Kushiel trilogy or something else entirely? Fantasy-loving Toasts, do you have favorite series-es to recommend?