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A thought provoking, but I want you to explore that why rape of female is over-hyped in our part of world. The rape of male is as much damaging as rape of female so why that is not challenged and favorite theme of progressive writers in showing females as the most oppressed creature in the world. The patriarch thinking is more the output of thinking of women than men. The women are oppressed more by themselves than men. Despite all women liberation talk they have failed to dismantle the thinking and I think that by not doing so they have lost the battle of real emancipation for long time to come.

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I commend Muzaffar for his balanced suggestion and this is time that Sunni Ulemas should adopt this approach. The Shias should also proselytizing among Muslims and rather focus on non-Muslims.

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Imperialist elite game of deposing legal Islamic government has started. The secular-liberal-elite is bend to legitimize claim of their phantom friend Aiman Zahrawi. Long live sham democracy.

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I salute Western powers and secular-liberal-fascist-elite in Tunisia to start copycat revolution like in Egypt and Algeria. They should start preparation for celebrations for hat trick of toppling Islamic government and giving their natural resources in the hand of neo-liberal oligopolies businesses.

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A very thought provoking article by Ramzy which authenticate the claim that biggest enemy of Islam are not western forces rather than secular liberal Muslim elite which can sell their brethren for few bundles of greenback or interest in kind.

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The dark silence of Indian media is quite understandable but chilling ghost-like silence of Pakistani media is incomprehensible. This was the opportunity to unreveal the Indian military and democratic government alliance to falsely implicate Pakistan, its religious groups, and national agencies in promoting state terrorism. The Pakistan media without enough evidence jumped into bandwagon happily aligned with Indian media in the smear campaign against religious groups and intelligence agencies. It looks like they are at tandem with Indian media either because of big money or something else. Almost all of the Pakistani anchors started demonizing soon after attach on Parliament and Bombay but when a respected and professional Indian officer splits the beans the same media become speechless. I salute and ranked Indian whistleblower second to American whistleblowers. I remember reading recently, that in world which appreciate liars those who speaks truth are the liar infact.

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I salute Snowden for his clear conscious and love for his people. For national security zeolots everywhere in the world I would like to quote famous saying: “Patriotism is the last resort of scounderals” We have seen this scounderalness in peek during US poodle Musharaf dictatorial rule and his famous slogan “Sab Se Pehla Pakistan” (Pakistan before everything).

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Problem with so called experts and commentators on middle east is their ignorance ground realities. Leftist and liberals cannot differentiate between Free Syrian Army and AlQaeda labeled groups in Syria and other places. Salafist and Takfirist are son staunch in their faith that they don’t even dine with other anti-assad groups so how they can take help from USA or their local poodles from where death warrant against them are issued. That is sickeningly naïve about so-called experts, who in their dislike to Islamist failed to identify correctly Free Syrian Army which is liberal and secular in nature.
Leftist media portrayal of Baathist as innocent as Mary is jokingly sick. They should go into Syrian refugee camps and meet university girls tortured and sexually abused by Assad forces. They spin like western media by rejecting even live coverage of Assad brutality. I think that they should show some remorse by portraying just picture by differentiating US and Western back groups and Islamist groups who are using their own resources and struggling. Other glaring example of spin doctoring of leftist and liberal media is suppressing of involvement of Hizbollah, terrorist group in Syria. Better keep quite!

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