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Right. Who has more guns (and people who know how to use them), the Tea Party or OWS? I don't think a violent revolution would play out like this guy thinks.

Of course OWS violence would be more Al Qaeda style. It's what the left does when it gets violent.

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MTV is my number 1 source for accurate statistics.

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I think we can do without a bunch of neo-nazis, conspiracy mongers, and their sympathizers, thanks.

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Isn't Eliza Swenson the lead singer for Divine Madness?

Love that band. I guess that explains why I haven't heard anything from them in awhile.

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Oh man, the union lackey commenter on the website that published the letter cracks me up. Most obvious flunky in the world, insisting he/she has nothing to do with the NFT.

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"Of course, “Being Human” isn’t the first fantasy involving vampires that wrestles with the issues of “free agency” or individual choice so much a part of modern drama. That honor would go to “Twilight,” whose author Stephenie Meyer is a Mormon (Mormons place a heavy emphasis on individual choice and do not believe in original sin, for example)."

Twilight isn't anywhere near the first to deal with that. Buffy and Angel did that long before (hell, free agency regarding good versus evil was basically all Angel was about). Various book series as well.

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I can't for the life of me figure out why I'm supposed to care when one of these celebrities finally completes their decade long suicide.

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For this article to be true, you would have to assume that 95% of corporations are functionally retarded and throw advertising money away with absolutely no consideration of business strategy or value for money.

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I've seen them make fun of Obama too. Several times. This is just the standard Onion ridiculous fake news story.

This post seems like an attempt by the Onion to satirize overly sensitive political bloggers. Are you a plant?

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Expanding worker freedom = workers losing out.

How does that work again?