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I am sure he wont win any awards for his performance, but as i have come to realize, i am one of the FEW people who think Kutcher did a remarkable job in this movie. He was great.

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Absolutely loved it.

\"...it’s also an added bonus to relive the entire fantasy countless times in your imagination and picture the entire adventure on your own terms.\" You need say no more.

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Honestly, this just had to be the next step.

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It\'s a pleasure.

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I am a Pakistani student in Pakistan, and I was glad that the author was going to raise some unselfish and valid points to go back to Pakistan. But then it seems like he ended up concluding that since you\'re so well off, you can afford more luxuries back home- at least for the most part.

Especially when he says: \"We lead a much laid back lifestyle in Pakistan where responsibilities are bare minimum and everything is mostly taken care of.\"

How is that a good thing? If there\'s one thing Pakistanis needs, its to be MORE responsible.

And, \"It seems as if you are part of a constant race for money and success.\" I live in Lahore, I am not even out of college yet, but I am already in a race for money and success- that situation is same everywhere, I am sure.

And finally: \"...where you have to take care of yourself and account to tedious duties that are part of everyday life.\" Sir, are you complaining because you have to take care of YOURSELF? I think you might have it a bit too easy there.

P.s. I do think students should eventually return to Pakistan- or return something to Pakistan, but out of a sense of duty, and the good they can do here- as you stated, the conversion rates means a single dollar makes a much bigger difference here.

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As an Android user, I am so totally completely blown away. Time to switch =D

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Thank you so much OKB for the praise. Ideas Evolved owes it to its readers who are open-minded to the opinions of others, and its writers who are not afraid to to say what needs to be said.

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My thoughts exactly =P

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I used to go \"Hello!AssalamoAlaikum!Kon? All in a single breath, without any pause, as soon as i picked up an incoming call.

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Thank God Ali. For a moment there while this was being reviewed, I had almost lost faith in all sanity :P