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2:02... Spike the Godzilla of Equestria is now cannon!

......well... uh not yet not untill the s5 is on air...

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Any MLP guild in ESO? I might wanna play wild star sometime soon. PvP server is awesome.

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#4:....i have a number on my head.... OMG PINKIE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE D:>

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To define an epic battle me, its like the moment i watch Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn when they first introduce full frontal and his battle against Unicorn Gundam, like the time i watch Himura Kenshin display his swordsmanship for the first time or like many other watch Son Goku in the dragon ball series vs Freeza as well as Naruto against Sasuke in the Naruto Series.

This.. this "Show for little girls" rank among them in my list as one of the most surprising epic fights i have ever seen. Props to the megan for writing this, the animators of DHX for the animation and the background music. Bravo!

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Funny... everyone have their moment when they fall in love with MLP. Considering the fact that i too use to hate cute cuddly stuff back in the days.;i found out about the ponies and the first episode : friendship is magic right after i quit World of Warcraft.. i m glad i did.

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I feel bad for the person who actually bought the Golden Oak Library back then when it was on sale in EQD :X

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I m getting goosebumps over this trailer... i love the animation and the dark feeling it portray ... i have never been this excited every since Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

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Spike having flame issue? seems legit!