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I've been twice, once for Shounen Knife, which was very nice, and once for Conor Oberst, during which this girl behind us was pretty much trying to climb me and my friend or push between us through the whole show. I was sore by the end from repeatedly shaking her off/holding onto my friend.

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My girlfriend is Dutch, and when she was in Japan for an internship this spring she and her other Dutch friends hosted an "orange party" for Queen's Day that featured some super ridiculous Dutch pop. I most clearly remember the song about a guy on a jet ski who honked at all the girls going by, complete with a dance that she and her friends tried to teach everyone at the party. It was a great time.

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Dammit the Jesus one made me cry in public.

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If you feel like taking some time to do it, has a great function where you can look up kanji "by radical," so you just sort of assemble the kanji you wanna look up by selecting the pieces it contains. Then you can look up the word/stick them into google translate if you desire. I use it a lot to look up kanji I see written down.

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One of the reasons I can never leave Japan is that I love karaoke way too much. I'm also really into Japanese music, so I song a lot of that at karaoke. There is one more traditional karaoke bar that I go to in the city, and my favorite English song to sing there is Queen's Seven Seas of Rhye. It's incredibly fun to belt out. Also, my BFF and I always sing Another Day from Rent. I'm Roger, she's Mimi.

I actually think my love for karaoke stems from (in addition to my attention whore nature) the fact that I used to have a car and I would go on long drives with the music turned up loud, singing along. I don't drive here, so I've gotta get that out somehow.

Man, now I really wanna go to karaoke.

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Oh my god the acting school clip is just solid gold. I've never seen (or even actually heard of) this movie, but now it's on my list, so thank you.

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God this is great. I've never seen or read Foxfire, but "super intense teenage female friendship" is a trope I will always adore. I do wish there were more stories about how you can grow up without growing apart though; I feel like most of the ones I've read involve things coming to a grisly end and it's depressing. I had a super intense teenage female friendship and we're still friends now, and we've actually had problems trying to navigate the changes in our dynamic as we grow up. I still don't regret the matching tattoos, though.

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Mostly the problems I've had are when either the bag is a bit loose or it's just so rainy that it gets heavy in the bottom from water and then keeps falling off the umbrella. But maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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Interestingly I'm on vacation in NYC and discovered just hours after making that comment that they have them in the Met, with one long and one short for the portable umbrella! Never seen the short bag in Japan.

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Huh, that makes sense! I'd never thought of it like that.