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always that pain in the butt no compete clause... oh well maybe lashley for wrestlemania??

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scott hall just can't catch a break can he. hope cody hall can still be signed with all this going on.

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the issue is that most of the roster is out due to a big meningitis scare. not much anyone can do but the good thing is kurt returns quicker

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Dixie Carter should immediately leave WWE once done then take a good hard look at herself. She is the very reason TNA literally died on the table.

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say goodbye TNA. this is the last PPV you will do. WWE will acquire you and abyss and several others will have no choice but to come the NXT or WWE. say hello to dream matches we want like abyss vs undertaker or tigre vs a cruiserweight since mysterio is doing lucha underground right now, Madison Rayne vs paige or sasha banks or other top divas. the sky's the limit. who know what could happen.

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i am actually agreeing with randy on this one. no one ever disrespects the american flag. i was taught that in school plus there are laws against harming the US flag unless via military use in which it is ceremoniously burned with honors.

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TNA is likely worth alot less than 40 mil. as their major problems caught up with them. i think it's likely worth around 10 mil depending on the wrestlers, mostly because of the former WWE guys. the others can't make much unless your abyss or kurt angle unless given a good storyline to work with but TNA has a terrible writing staff so i highly doubt it is actually worth 40 mil

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the only reason for bo dallas actually winning was to make him look good for his live event match with the debuting chinese Bin Wang.

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okada would be a great addition to the WWE lockeroom if he can get out of his contract. too bad he resigned to new japan for five years. when nakamura comes to the main roster it would be great to see a strong style match between these two.

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This is nuts. Is there some conspiracy that every top guy Rollins takes on either gets suspended or gets badly hurt in some fashion. I mean look at sting, then roman reigns. I don't know what it is but wwe needs to keep Rollins from hurting people.