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Ref "a coil on a lamp is a fire", if you're into splitting hairs, maybe that is true. But it can't be any where as bad as using a Shabbos Goy, which is a slap in the face to God, Torah, Judaism and Gentiles.

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Ref "In my opinion that the unchanging nature of orthodox culture that is completely responsible for the Jewish people existing as a people today" My opinion is that what kept us united is anti-Semitism. Religiosity convinced many to jump ship.

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I appreciate the support, thank you.

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He provided Israel with more ammo during the Gazan incursion. Obama's record on Israel is as good as it gets.

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Did you mean your comment as a reply to mine? If so, I don't understand what you mean.

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Ref "there are excesses of rhetoric which not only cheapen your argument but totally undercut your credibility, regardless of your position and regardless of the issue....is a way to take most debates to levels they need not go" Well said.
But then ref "...but then the Kennedys have long since suffered from a wasting gene pool and an expiration date long passed"
Why not take your own advice?? By making that closing statement you defeat your own position.

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Bibi has a proven track record of being wrong on key issues and of having a despicable character. For example, he encouraged the U.S. to attack Iraq saying it would have a liberating effect on the entire area, instead, its become hell on earth; In the mid-1990's, Bibi was claiming that Iran is within a year or so of having nukes, wrong again. And as to his character: Former PM of France Sarkozy told Obama, "I'm sick and tired of Netanyahu's lies."
And as for Obama's track record, Richard Schwartz summed it up best:
“Israeli strategic experts agree that strategic cooperation between the US and Israel has never been better; the US has supplied funding for the “Iron Dome” missile defense system that has saved many Israeli lives; the Obama administration has consistently backed Israel at the UN and helped prevent a declaration of a Palestinian State by the UN, an effort that led Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to declare that Obama deserved a “badge of honor;” Obama has supported Israel with regard to the Goldstone report and the Gaza flotilla events; Obama helped save six Israelis who were trapped in the Israeli embassy in Cairo, in response to a frantic, middle-of-the night call from Netanyahu.

Obama recognizes that, while it will be difficult to obtain, Israel needs a resolution of its conflict with the Palestinians in order to avert renewed conflict and increased diplomatic criticism and isolation, respond to her economic, environmental, and other domestic problems, and remain a Jewish and a democratic state.

Domestically, many of Obama’s advisors are Jews, two of his chiefs of staff were Jews, one of his two Supreme Court appointments is a Jew, and his appointee as Chair of the Federal Reserve System is a Jew as is his Secretary of the Treasury (Orthodox Jew Jack Lew). Obama is also the only president to have Passover seders in the White House. “

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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned businesses from discrimination. It was challenged and the Supreme Court ruled that the gov't has standing based on the commerce clause. Sounds weak to me. People, though not government, should be free to discriminate for any reason. I don't think it would make our country better, it's just one of the disadvantages or advantage, depending on your point of view, of liberty.
I'd rather see a sign on a store that says "No Jews" than have an anti-Semite profit from my purchase because without that sign, I probably wouldn't know that he hates Jews.

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Ref " the "Jewish vote" means very little in national politics": The real concern is not the Jewish vote but Jewish money, i.e. political donations.

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Siavosh Derakhti is a role model for Jews as well.