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And to that, I say "Liar". But you got me to you to debate you, you crafty little 12 (13? 14?) year old.

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Oh, how I tried to ignore you but your ignorance makes it impossible.

Not a fan of George Bush myself, but Katrina was not "due to George Bush": the lack of immediate follow-up for the people in need WAS due to him. Earth technology is not so advanced that a President can actually cause a storm.

Right now, I don't have a rooster (hens don't need them to lay eggs), so the eggs I ate today were not chicken abortions. However, when I do have a rooster, the eggs are collected within an hour or so of laying, and immediately refrigerated. And, not all of them are fertilized.

Oh well, go enjoy your farro, quinoa, brown rice, or whatever your whole grain of choice is. I bet it was not hand harvested, and if it was, was done on the back of migrant workers at great expense to their lifespan and dignity. Oh, right, you don't care about anyone's dignity but yours, because you are the only righteous person on the face of the earth.

Do you wear shoes? Are they leather, cloth, or plastic by-product? Just wondering...

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Guess what? There were horrific storms before there humans caused global warming. While global warming is very real, not everything bad that happens can be attributed to it.

And, no I don't fertilize. We are good composters, make goat "tea" from barn cleanings, use well composted chicken poop, practice crop rotation and companion planting, and plant cover crops in winter to enrich the soil for spring. Oh, the goats are not for eating, and the chickens are strictly for eggs...we are a "no kill" farm. We don't use pesticides, even though we have close to 30 fruit trees. We let the birds and insects battle it and it seems to be working in the birds (and earth's) favor.

I know you won't let this be the last word, but it is too nice to be inside arguing with someone who is so totally one-sided. Good day.

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Look, there is no need to be sanctimonious about your footprint. I am all for saving our earth, but you are taking this way too far. We all need a vacation once in a while: it makes us better people the rest of the time. My spousal unit and I frequent the San Juans every year, and although I have not been to Lummi Island yet, intend to now. So, some carbon footprint points are used; as someone pointed out, the ferry is running anyway. In exchange we get to see gorgeous and somewhat still wild parts of our region, and return to the "real" world with a new appreciation of our world, refocused on what we want to accomplish.

I am a strong proponent of using locally sourced and sustainable foods. In fact, my own large kitchen garden is getting finished up today (except tomatoes and peppers). This restaurant exemplifies local sourcing, and organic and sustainable growth. The Chef even forages; it does not get more local than that. So, keep your carbon footprint judgement to yourself, and let the rest of us enjoy a moment of pleasure.

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I would correct you and say that it's not the breed, but the breeding and the training. Many of the aggressive dogs are poorly bred, as in bred to bring out the aggressive trait. That is not how this dog was originally bred. Responsible breeders work to bring out the gentle traits.

Then, yes, there is the owner factor and proper training.

Bottom line, my pit is universally loved and trusted by all of our friends and family, several of whom said if I ever had to find another home for him (which I won't), they want him. His favorite visitors are the UPS man, and the mail lady, and they love him too.

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Don't ban the breed. I think we go down a slippery slope in terms of banning "criminals" from owning them. However, there should be a full court press on shutting down disreputible breeders, who don't follow good bloodlines, and those who breed and train for fighting.

My APBT was a rescue, however fortunately NOT from an abusive situation, merely his owner could no longer keep him. He is not quite 3 now and is a fantastic dog. Calm and loving, he just wants to keep his belly warm and to be scratched behind the ears. He is our constant companion, gets along with our cats, is very gentle with all our visitors (many of whom are kids). Our mail lady and UPS man LOVE LOVE LOVE him. The only time he showed any agression was when a creepy guy came to look at something we were selling on Craigslist. He stuck right beside me with a constant low growl, but never took action.

Ban breeds are not right. That is not the right fix to the problem. Good breeders try to self-police, but there are too many people out there who want to make a buck on these and other breeds which allows for the perpetuation of bad blood lines.

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Unfortunately, they also lumped all Mastiffs into one risk level, which is as misleading as lumping all dogs who look like AmStaffs and APBT's into one. It would be extremely rare for an Old English Mastiff to attack, more likely to lean on the person and threaten, vs. some of the other Mastiff variants. Again, nurture comes into play here, as well as good breeding.

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No child or teen deserves this. Someone driving along I-5 distracted...smack! This is the worst kind of parenting. If this is your idea of raising children, I hope you do not have any.

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Sunday update from Olympia: So, I was about to say much ado again, sun is out, no wind, then big black cloud coming from roughly the coastal area. Now pouring and the big trees are moving. Note: birds have been hitting the feeders hard today, taking the food away instead of hanging around to eat. No worries, got a pot of french onion soup going on the stove.

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At the rate they are emptying my feeders lately, could be! With Nuthatch accomplices. Kidding!