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Will, if you ever think you may want to sell the house you hope to some day build, you'll get more money for it if you incorporate a few basic Vedic principles. There are such things as beautiful Sthapatyavedic homes that do not look like the cookie-cutter houses north of town. Just sayins all......

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Mostly piping in to say how much I appreciate our elected officials posting info and facts on Fairfield Voice. Opinion is interesting as well.

When I lived next to the tracks in 84-88, I acclimated to the noise, but there was only one train a night back then. There are a lot more now and traffic is increasing every year. I'd love to see a Quite Zone and have contributed toward the cause. That said, there are several worthy causes competing for funds. I do feel and money from closing crossings should absolutely be put toward the Quiet Zone, and not spent elsewhere.

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Well I thank you for your heartfelt and candid replies, GLB. I hope we meet minus FV aliases sometime, haha. Agreeing to disagree is the new win-win, so I think we're good.

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I think I need to pay attention more, haha. I like the responses in the current order, yes. Thanks for the quick reply.

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Will, is there anything I can do to make all "Replies" show up without clicking on them? I just replied without reading Mark's excellent history and GLB's interesting response. Not sure that would have changed my response, but I wish I'd seen it first. My bad.

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To Will and GLB regards FACC's viability in attracting skilled workers: since are are no current statisticss on that, I'm fine with agreeing to disagree. I wish that someone would gather them though. I do know that Fairfield's Superintendent of Schools, Don Achelpohl, has gone on record saying he feels that the FACC has been an advantage to hiring prospective FF Community School District employees.

GLB, I understand your frustration about start-ups going out of business. I agree that Fairfield has what seems to be more than its fair share of these, but that's because our town likely has more start-ups than other town's it's size/location - which isn't necessarily a bad thing. While Fairfield's start-ups ARE in business, they are employing people, adding to the local economy. And I say that knowing what a drag it is to get laid off or lose your job as a company folds. Been there as well a few times.

Small Business Association states that "two-thirds of new employer establishments survive at least two years, and 44 percent survive at least four years," and "as a general rule of thumb, new employer businesses have a 50/50 chance of surviving for five years or more." I think Fairfield might possibly be beating this average in many cases in successful start-ups.

I have to pipe in because my husband has been working for a "mediator business" (that employs about 85% locals) that has been successful for 24 years here in Fairfield. There are other 10- 20 year “start-ups” (and pretty much “meditator” companies) that are stable and often expanding: Chappell Studio, Bovard Studio, Danaher Oil, Americus Diamond, Hawthorne Direct, Revelations, Creative Edge, LISCO, IPAM….just to name a few.

GLB, if you ever want to try art walk or see anything at the FACC, I invite you to accompany my husband and I as our guest, and for a couple beers afterward if you like. I understand that a lot of those activities are not your cup of tea, but in case you want to ever give it a whirl, I’m sincere about my invitation. I doubt I’ll ever change you mind about many things, but I really admire your participation here on Fairfield Voice, and I value your thoughts.

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GLB, I appreciate your comments, but I encourage you to look at the bigger picture. Even though you have no interest in attending FACC events, it may be improving your personal quality of life in several ways:

1. It increases tourism in Fairfield. The number of out-of-town folks attending functions there is apparent by simply strolling around the facility during an event and noticing how many out of town license plates are parked around....that number increases all the time. Tourism is called a "clean industry" because it is almost entirely upside and very little downside: tourists spend money in Fairfield on gas, food, and often lodging.

2. When the FACC attracts overnight guests who stay in one of our motels or bed & breakfasts, they contribute to the hotel and motel tax which supports many other activities in Fairfield which you may enjoy, such as the fabulous trail system, 1st Fridays Art Walk, and other things/events the hotel/motel tax helps support, etc.

3.Employers find is easier to attract skilled workers to Fairfield when the cultural community - including the FACC events - in Fairfield is so lively and diverse. These folks move here and add to the tax base, and companies thrive and add to the tax base, as well. I hope someone is collecting comments from employers I've chatted with who are very grateful for the FACC, art walk, the trails, etc. which are very attractive and useful recruiting tools for their businesses.

I mentioned the following somewhere else on Fairfield Voice, but another “big picture” view of the FACC is to look at its current challenges in the context of other start-up arts facilities. When the executive director of the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center at the University of N. Iowa visited here, he commented that the FACC’s start-up challenges were common for all arts facilities, and that we were actually in better shape than many. Since he has been involved with a number of these type facilities, it was encouraging to hear his assessment.

IF the tax support of the FACC goes to a vote and IF it passes, I hope everyone can appreciate the biggest picture about the advantages of the FACC for our community. If we can get past “the past” and look at the present situation, I would hope most people can support this valuable asset for personal or community betterment reasons.

And to be clear, I do not work for the FACC, I just love what it adds to Fairfield on so many levels. :)

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ugh, ice. And a Girl Scout delivering nuts is making me look bad - came down the driveway and escaped without incident. So much for an excuse that "I can't get out"......

Will there really be 4-8 inches more of snow tonight???

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I should add: plus lots of BIRDSEED. Birds are in a panic today already. They feel it comin'. Have the heated birdbath plugged in on the deck as well. I am rewarded by a plethora of winged friends of all color and size.

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Seriously! Martha is my heroine!