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I can proudly say with regards to this article, BUY AMERICAN! Or buy Canadian/New Zealand/Australia. (Also buy organic if you can afford it) My dogs favourite treats are Sam's Yams. Sweet potato treats that are made in the US and they are all natural. After the dog food scare, I stopped buying all products from China, Buy American/Canadian/NZ/or AUS, Safest countries to purchase dog food items from.

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This letter is so beautifully stated to a slave master from his former slave that he is truly a human being. I love the satirical wit that Mr Jourdon Anderson writes, and to Col P.H. Anderson's family, its time that you moved on with life, anger only gets you so far. It was Col P.H. Anderson who put himself into deb,t not the good kind sir Jourdon. Perhaps someday they can find forgiveness for their sins as Jourdon has found for you.

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What a brave and well traveled kitty! (adorable too!) I had a Tabby once named Ma- Mao. (It means kitty in Mandarin) I hope that Ni Hao has a speedy recovery and finds a forever home soon!

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"Firefighters also recommend residents not transport unused fireworks in their vehicles."

Hmmm really now, so when we go to "the rez" to buy said fireworks, we shouldn't have brought them home in our vehicles? How do you expect people to get fireworks home? <rolls eyes>

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Memecat is amused at your joke.......

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I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some defections like we did during the Communist era. Its saddens and hurts me, that as a woman living in N. America I have more rights than those elsewhere. Things have to change, and change soon. (I try and help by donating to women organisations like and amnesty international.)

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Such beautiful country will become beautiful again. I feel for the residents of Colorado Springs and I hope that they can rebuild quickly and regain some peace soon.

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I would agree, however if private donations want to fund artwork and playgrounds then more power to them!

As for public funds, stop spending the money on stupid ideas Mayor McShwinn, and bring back open doors at our police stations!!

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I'm sadden that people have to be so nosy, however I am happy that Cooper is happy with himself and life. May he find love (or has already found it) and acceptance where ever he goes!

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More power to her! I wish this country had something like the WAR AMPS! (Its an organisation in Canada that helps amputees) I wonder if insurance will cover her new prosthetic limbs and if not, is there a site where people can donate to help speed along her recovery? (I'll check and post any other information that I find later)