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1. I wish every movie review included spoilers because otherwise what is even the point.

2. Mallory claims this movie is not scary but what is more terrifying than AN ANTHROPOMORPHIC GOAT. Although, to be fair, an anthropomorphic goat was the subject of my worst recurring nightmare as a child. Shudder.

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Oh my lord I do the same thing. Unfortunately since I started doing this about 4 years ago it has escalated into a compulsion that leaves my lady area red and ugly. Sex times have become very anxiety-inducing. STOP WHILE YOU CAN DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU.

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Once at our weekly Catholic school mass our priest at the time sang all 6 verses of this hymn a capella, as a solo. For the sermon.

I just had to confirm with my two older sisters that this actually happened because the memory is so strange I thought I may have dreamed it.

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The positive side of all that acrylic was that you literally NEVER had to wash the itchy teflon-coated skirts. Seriously. By my senior year of high school I had one skirt which remained wearable (probably the only one which had been purchased new for me as opposed to having been passed down from my two older sisters). I wore that skirt every single day of the week the entire year. It was washed and ironed on the weekend by my mother. If any errant spills/grossness happened upon the skirt during the week I literally WIPED IT OFF with a damp paper towel and it looked EXACTLY THE SAME. I mean of course it was gross, but still the convenience was grade A.

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(Cue Michael Jackson) you are not alooooone.

A MUG PLEASE. A mug would be quite welcome.

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As former Hairpin lurker and a follower of the Toast from day one, I have finally created an account just to say that I'm SO PROUD. YAY TOAST.