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Actually I'm surprised AP you're not very big on the tyranids as psykers. I think all of their powers are at least "pretty good" and the plus is in addition to generating lots of charge their powers are mostly 1 warp charge. Even the horror does give a -2 to the check to not get pinned which is nice!

The only power that is 2 warp charge is warp blast which is very handy!

Also obviously SitW makes being near them and putting so many dice into a power kind of a nasty choice to make!

Really nice write up on this, thanks!

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Yeah the drives me nuts too about the jets that don't do anything.

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Are you serious!? I LOVE stupid people! So tired of this blog, pfft.

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I know I thought that at first, I was looking at ones with mostly city stuff so I assumed they were 40K, though I'm not knowledgeable enough about war machine to know if it was using that urban terrain as well.

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No, I don't believe you've lost your right to have an opinion about the service, and by contrast I think your opinion, delivered factually and in a constructive manner would be invaluable to anyone looking to enter the game, you'd let them know that at the time you played, x,y and z starting happening in the game which you didn't like and so you left it, you'd also add you're not sure how much of x,y and z still goes on since you've been out of the hobby for sometime.

What I am saying (and the car analogy is a good one) is that if you were no longer into Ford Mustangs because of whatever reasons, a professional blog or podcast would likely not continue to use you as a host or blogger (even a guest one) since your interest in the topic is gone and you're left with largely negative impressions of it. I believe it would be, as Ghandi said, "time to part, but part as friends"

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There is this weird trend in the 40k internet community to allow people a voice even after they admit they currently don't like the game and aren't playing or at least have very minimal involvement. 40k Radio did this for a while along with a couple of other podcasts- so strange to have someone representing and posting about something they no longer are involved in or have very limited involvement, even stranger when they themselves admit that's the case!

In other avenues of human endeavor this is not normal, to find someone uninterested in the topic to discuss it.

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Great pics but WOW some of those boards are sparse!

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I'm sorry, I thought there would be more in this article about the hot neighbor? The blonde one?

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Will there be actual reviews of the real Codex? And if so will they at least attempt to not be super negative? Asking for a friend, thanks.

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How did his Genestealers and Broodlord do?