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My image of islam is realistic enough, I want nothing to do with it. Ya'll can go home now!!!

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What do they have to smile about? They get out and about and see thier peer's freedoms, then get back around thier families and have to worry about severe disipline for wanting to join in...be westernized

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"A nationwide debate has begun among (Muslim leaders and women’s advocates) about what role religion and culture may have played in this awful killing."
You make a very good point, however they did tell us. Like we should care what the muslim leaders think. I can't speak for the womens advocates, whoever they might be, but I would think that there would be no reason to hear the "muslim leaders" debate on this issue. It's time we make up our own mind. We don't need the muslim leadership telling us how we should see things, we need to tell them how they should see things.

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"Our children are exposed to a culture that is in opposition with almost everything Islam stands for."
What I don,t understand is why would anyone want to move and live in a place that opposes everything you stand for. Leave problem solved

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"Meanwhile, the Imams Council of Greater Western New York on Tuesday issued a statement calling it “unfair to vilify the Islamic faith or Muslims” in the homicide"

That might be a little easier to swallow if say... uh...when was the last time a Methodist, Baptist, or athiest beheaded his wife. Sorry wrong again.

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I have a better idea; open the match to the public and if any muzzielem tries to enter mobilize 10,000 zionist to protest.. Problem solved. You got to be shkidding me.

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Seems like she has a lot to overcome

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Everyone's made some good points..... not rocket science.... willfully blind...boney political skull(I liked that one). Well it's not rocket science, not biting the hand that feeds you (another base for votes) because we'll take care of you justifies willful blindness any day (HA!). Until our leaders stand up and say, "this is (insert country) we don't act like that here" and quit worring about being prooogreessssive and tolerant to actions that are just wrong, then I'm afraid we are just going to keep having the same problems only worse with time. I would venture to say though if any of our politicians got caught in a mob, lived next door the the poor lady that was beheaded they'd be the first to insist something be done. I can see Nancy now, Oh my.

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exactly i always thought my feelings were my responsibility anyway, have to agree, WHAT BABIES

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Wonder when the next rocket will hit southern Isreal?? We'll see.