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Very informative article. Thanks for sharing it

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What an interesting article. Earlier I had this conception that the rapid change in climate is bad for the entire human race. but after reading this article I researched a bit & came to know that, climate change should be the Jewish community’s number one concern. It poses more of a long-term threat to world peace than Donald Trump, more of a danger to Israel than Palestinians, and more of a threat to civil society and the protection of minorities than the alt-Right in their wildest wet dreams (don’t think about that). For the many JuBus (Jewish Buddhists) among us, climate change promises to cause more human suffering than desire and the false belief in a separate self.

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It is true that there is rampant deforestation and habitat destruction, record levels of smog and air pollution, petitions put forth to rip funding away from the sciences and from education. There are wars, famine, plagues, and a host of other tragedies that (although not always intentionally caused by humans) can be linked to issues like overpopulation, bigotry, and sheer ignorance. Consequently, it often seems like, every moment, we are dashing forward towards the tipping point.

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‘Shocking’ revelation finds $5.3tn subsidy estimate for 2015 is greater than the total health spending of all the world’s governments

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The relative energies is the energy sub levels.
F is the highest and S is the lowest.
S can hold maximum of 2 electrons
P can hold maximum of 6 electrons
D can hold maximum of 10 electrons
F can hold maximum of 14 electrons

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The Institute for Local Self Reliance report “identifies the combined value that solar electric power plants deliver to utilities’ rate payers and society’s tax payers.” In other words, beyond the typical things we officially assign it value for, the report looks at other clear benefits it provides and tries to calculate those to come up with an overall total value.

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What an article that features the near future. Personally I like the idea of Opel Icona, which is a family-sized commuter car for 2050, capable of travelling on land or on water.

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Since it’s invention in 1829, cyanuric acid has been revered as magical, invaluable and essential to keeping chlorinated pools clean and sanitary. At the same time it is labeled as misused, misrepresented, controversial and dangerous. To illustrate this contradiction, some health inspectors insist on the use of cyanuric acid and some health inspectors restrict its presence in public pools.

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This site truly is helpful to a lot of architect student. The diagrams, displayed in this article, are really fascinating.

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Over the past 15 years, the pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem has shifted. Where global pharma companies had previously driven the lion's share of new product revenue, now the driving source of innovation is coming from smaller biotechnology and specialty pharma companies, as well as academia. Open Science defines our position in this new ecosystem – as a magnet for game-changing ideas and innovation