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Well I have the 120GB hard-drive that came with the Elite and it is more than enough for the current usage of the 360. The only way the 1TB would be of any use is of course if or when the Games on Demand system is in place. I have a few reservations;

1. I too share your affection for the Sweet smell of newness" of a newly opened game box.

2. If I buy a game I thought I would enjoy but didn't or finished a game within 24 hours to a week I like that I can trade it in on a new game. If I pay the same price to download it I do not have this choice, its either keep or delete, either way it will inevitably cost me more money.

3. I could also have the game the same day as the rest of the world with the current method of purchase if the gaming companies distributed titles worldwide before release.

Lastly DO NOT try and tell me that this is the future of gaming along the same route of MP3 and Video. If I like an album I buy the CD, that is why I have a CD collection....If I like a movie I buy the DVD, that is why I have a DVD collection. Music and Video are forms of entertainment that can be listened to and viewed over and over. Very few games can be kept and replayed for life and even the best games like your CODs or GOWs will meet their maker.