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He better be. There's no point in having Bossk sneer at one side of a room and not have Boba on the other.

Edit: Word is Wave 2 is Dengar, 4-LOM and Boba.

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I happened to go to Mondo, hit F5, up for sale, and nabbed! HOLY CRAP!

I hope Boba's in Wave 2.

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My Snow-White-loving daughter demanded I go as Prince Charming.

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Doesn't Boll find loopholes to finance his movies? So Sommers could be more of a drain financially to Hollywood and its producers. Wow.

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@CelebratesIrony …straight boys humping each other for fun…at least thats what happens in New York…

Did this kid live in a Bret Easton Ellis novel?

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This takes place in metro Detroit? Where's it really shot?

And If this is a hit, does that give Give 'Em Hell, Malone a better shot!? YESSS!

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I try to say this every time this is brought up: Aaron Eckart for Capt! He's got the stong chin, blue eyes, bulk him up and he IS Steve Rodgers.

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Wasn't MIB Columbia pictures?

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Any way we can find an file for Ray's Flagpole Sitta!? I love it!
EDIT: Nevermind, I found the link to download from the youtube page, thanks :)

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Cronenberg has been all about exploring violence and it's justification lately. If he feels like there's more to explore, especially with these characters, let him do it. He feels it needs to be made, you feel it doesn't need to be seen.