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This, in turn, made me laugh so hard I started to cry, thereby startling my own 5-month kitten, sending her to the far end of the couch to comfort-suck on her teddy bear. Formerly my teddy bear, but not anymore after watching the kitten mack on it obsessively.

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What, exactly, were you expecting from a post with "food trolling" in the title?

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See also: when your professor takes you to lunch/dinner/coffee. They have tenure and an income; if they didn't want to feed you, they'd make you come to office hours.

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I sort my books by topic, then by color; I sort my clothing by color in my closet, and I sort the app icons on my dock by color and then by shape. And I get all woozy if someone returns my 25-pak of Stabilo fineliners with the colors in the wrong order.

I need help.

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Definitely not. :D

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I wrote a dissertation and still organized my books by color because I can remember color better than I can which chapter I used it for (and I was working mostly with photocopies of original sources/documents anyway, as there wasn't much secondary lit on my topic). I think my brain is some weird creature that's a hybrid of synesthesia, OCD, and an eidetic memory.

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I once wrote a love sonnet to Cutter numbers. <3 u, Cutterie.

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Me too. And me too.

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I think this is going to be my response to any and every statement in my next faculty meeting. "Actually, it's like that bit in Indiana Jones."

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I'm late to the game here, but part of the problem with diagnosing PCOS (at least, according to my endo and the endo I saw in Germany; make of those sources what you will) is that it's not as much a disorder as it is a set of symptoms that manifest in different ways. So it's possible to have elevated testosterone and chin hair and not have cysts and still be diagnosed; it's also possibly to have cysts and no chin hair and hormones that are wonky another way. Dysmenorrhea shows up in some women and not others; some PCOS women don't have fertility issues. It's not the most common endo disorder because a ton of women have the same set of symptoms, but rather because there are so many symptoms that can add up to the same (or a very similar) result.

Diagnosis is sometimes also tricky because there are a few other endo disorders that present similarly, including atypical forms of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (the atypical forms don't involve ambiguous genitalia -- know that right now if you decide to google it). Some of the therapies are the same, so unless the patient really pushes to know which syndrome is behind their symptoms, an endo might not differentiate. Typical (ha) CAH is much more immediately diagnosable.