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So now our fearless leaders and "scientists" will tell us what we can and cannot eat and how much. They (our fearless leaders) will find a way to tie this to healthcare as they nationalize yet another system in our country.

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Good for Chrysler. Now let's see if the federal government will allow banks to start paying back their original TARP payments before the government converts their loans into common stock, effectively nationalizing our banking system, if not only in part, for now. Tyranny.

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This data demonstrates how we, the people, have been rocked into political and historical complacency. Our general ignorance as a populace (and I include myself in this category) is highly evident. As a Company Commander in the Army, I have the opportunity to re-enlist Soldiers for continued service to our nation every couple weeks. Standing in front of these Soldiers and reading the re-enlistment oath for them to recite reminds me that we do this to support and defend our Constitution, first and foremost. Since our military is a cross-section of society, I wonder how many of my fellow service members actually have a basic understanding of our Constitution. Again, I include myself in this category. I'm learning more every day, but I would be interested to see this same data with a focus on the military, only, as the population for the study.

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Having worked with the missile defense program, I am a biased advocate for its existence and continued development. This system epitomizes the portion of the preamble that calls for our federal government to "provide for the common defense..." Developing a system to physically hit one object with another at 15,000+ mph relative to the speed of earth is not cheap. It takes money, and it takes time, but it's a worthy cause for the strategic defense of our nation.

The pragmatist in me agrees with Secretary Gates when he identifies the need to reform Department of Defense procurement. We certainly need to streamline spending and make our military more efficient, which is entirely possible given the right leadership. We are stewards of taxpayer dollars, and as such, it is our moral and legal obligation to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse within our organizations. Unfortunately, the defense budget is riddled with political jockeying.

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At least he wrote back, right? I keep getting snubbed down home in FL. Just keep getting the general email responses while my Rep. cosponsors and votes in favor of constitutionally destructive legislation. Here's an interesting (and short) video interview from WSJ where Geithner talks about the future of U.S. capitalism: mms://us.msmobvid.wm.msn.com/a1602/d1/PROD/MSNmoney:Wall%20Street%20Journal%20Online/10151/32f03972-83bb-4173-b520-42d6b2bdd5c5.wmv?user=%visitor-id%
Thanks for your service, pzucco.

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The 11th Principle: "The majority of the people may alter or abolish a government which has become tyrannical." The key here is to "alter or abolish" our corrupt elected officials WITHOUT violence. I'm guessing the will of the majority in each Congressional District would have to motion to remove their respective representative. "Locke pointed out that there is no right of revolt in an individual, group, or a minority. Only in the majority."

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We have too many domestic distractions (the POTUS on Leno, AIG blame-shifting) for the media to focus on the importance of our State Department's response to bringing AMERICANS home safely. I certainly agree with your last couple lines, ArmyMama, about respecting the laws, customs, and courtesies of foreign countries when we are guests. May God bless the safe return of these reporters.

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I really like the response from Coach K - a man with unquestionable values - to President Obama's interview on ESPN where he filled out his brackets. "Somebody said that we're not in President Obama's Final Four, and as much as I respect what he's doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets." http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/03/19/duke-c...

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This "public servant" will probably just receive a slap on the hand for this offense. Another example of outstanding leadership from our elected officials that is indicative of politicians, professional athletes, and celebrities in our society. "Equality before the law" no longer applies. I cite another example in the case of Senator Dianne Feinstein from mid February. "The California Democrat riled intelligence circles when she seemed to reveal sensitive information about such a Pakistan-based staging ground during a hearing." This security violation should terminate her access to sensitive information. She should have been fired from her position as U.S. Senate intelligence committee Chairwoman.

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I certainly did. Rep. Young from our district is good at mailing and emailing his form letter as a response to "thank" us for voicing our viewpoints, isn't he?