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I listened to Glenn today and he said if find something you are interested in you must follow it. Well, I am interested in the birth cert. He doesn't believe we should be doing anything about it, this from a man who says to follow the constitution, because it would tear the country apart. That may be the case, but if one believes the constitution is the law of the land then it is logical that we follow through. If everything was stopped because of consequences no law would ever be enforced. I can't believe Glenn would say this but he did. It seems to me he is being hypocritical.

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I apologize again. When i gave the web-site to the Star Spangle banner I gave the wrong one. It's standeyo/index/.html I don't know why I am so dumb on this computer. Someone gave me the instructions to post a web-site and then this site went down and I lost it. I guess i willhave to call my neighbor and have him show me.

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When Francis Scott Key was on the ship negotiating for the trade of prisoners,, the Capt told him they were going to fire on the fort and the whole English navy was there. It was agreed they would stop the shelling when the flag was lowered. They shelled for hours and the flag still stood. It was tattered and torn and he learned later that men in the fort held it up by hand as they were killed someone else would take their place. I couldn't help but think how very much they wanted freedom. If any of you have time go to the web site and listen to a very powerful reading

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I just finished watching a video on milleniumark.com. It was the star spangled banner the story behind it. I wonder how many of us would be willing to die to hold up a flag.

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I have just figured out what the rush is for the health-care package. Does anyone remember when obama said he was going to work hard for 6 days and rest on the seventh? Well, August is the seventh month and he is going to rest. If he is who I think he is the bill will go through. I apologize if someone else came to the same conclusion.

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It must be a heady thing to be always right. Of course you have a superior intellect. Therefore I bow to you and tell you to pick up the marbles you win. I don't want to play with you anymore.good-bye

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Do you know who I blame for all that is going, aside from the clueless who voted for Obama, the supreme court. They have the issue of the birth certificate before them and haven't done a thing about it. What can you expect when the oath of office was screwed up it was given again without a bible. It seems our chief justice is also a part of the problem. Is there anyone left that is a true American?

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This morning I was on uswebtalkradio.com and listened to Pres Reagan's speech at his inauguration I tried to get on here but the site was down. I thought you all would enjoy listening to a good speech. I could listen to him over and over again. What is going on with this site? It says it is being reconstructed, but it always looks the same to me.

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Glenn asked what it would take for people to react and finally stand up for what is right. Taylor Caldwell wrote a great book some time ago-The Devils Advocate-It lays it out very plain what it would take. I recommend you read it. She tends to get alittle preachy but the point is made. The book will be a little hard to find I believe it is out of print. A library maybe.

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I have just found a conservative web-site familysecuritymatters.org. Some of you may be interested. Does anyone know where the group RNA patriot roundtable can be found? I was watching all of their videos and now I can't find them.