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She "used to be a lesbian." He used to be a garden variety racist idiot, and now he has so jumped the shark he thinks that his thinking is "coventional."

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Of course...also. Shuttup.

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This is the only time federal workers and (the) 1% will occur in the same universe. Let's savor it.

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So, it goes like this. I hit myself on the head with a hammer really hard. I tell everyone I had to do it because you made me. You refrain from breaking my motherfucking neck for making you look bad, but instead go about your business. I stop hitting myself on the head, and think it's nauseating that your response is that I probably shouldn't have hit myself on the head in the first place. DAMN YOU. ITS ALL YOUR FAULT. CAN"T EVERYONE SEE? *the party of personal responsibility ha ha ha ha*

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She thought he called her an idiom, and she doesn't know what that is but it sounds smart, don't it?

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I love trashy idiots telling me 'bout the constitution. Makes me feel smart.

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Can we just have Holder send in his peeps to arrest the whole lot of them for sedition? Then we can haz big public trial and sentence them all to confinement with one another for a long, long time. Amazing Grace, my ass.

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Anti intellectual fartheads 1, the rest of us,-13.

Spain and Italy. Sigh.

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Special Little Snowflake Committee? Everyone gets a medal?

The Gingrich Memorial Mental Health Fest? Free painkillers for all, dying spouses optional?

The Communal Hallucinogenic Teabaggers Ball (s)?