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Take back your childrens education and take back the country!
I urge every one of you that has any possibility of either home schooling or private( religious) schooling to do so, and do so immediately. Our children are being brainwashed and endoctrinated from the moment they set foot in the government run school system. Now they are trying to force us to send them to preschool, or head start, or prekindergarten. They are feeding their little minds with picture books about homosexual animals, stories about two mommies or daddies, and of course, evolution ( the new religion), and that is before they can even read. The only values taught in the schools today is the value of teachers and education. My son had a 9th grade teacher of history, who told his class that only 2 presidents had been assassinated while in office, Kennedy and Lincoln, when my son raised his hand and asked "what about Garfield?", the teacher laughed and said "the cat?" I had him removed from the class immediately. This is the quality of public education, and the reason many people in this country are unable to form a capable opinion.