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I had a great week at work (govt librarian here) - it seems like after 6 weeks I've reached the point where I know enough to actually be able to HELP people who walk into the library and I no longer freeze with panic when the phone rings. I like my colleagues and they seem to like me and I am proving myself to be smart and competent. I love my job. I hated my previous job and felt trapped and it's SUCH a relief not to wake up with that dread weighing on me.

Husband and I are going on vacation tomorrow (Switzerland to see my parents and then Cyprus). I'm really excited :) And scared about the flights, but I have enough Ativan to knock out a horse so I should be fine. My cocktail of 1 Ativan + 2 Benadryl is usually enough to put me to sleep for most of a transatlantic flight.

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I have my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for your kitty!

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I can't stay long because I have a flight to catch but I wanted to say I HAVE LOVED YOU ALL and THANK YOU FOR ADDING ALL THIS LOVE AND WIT AND COMPASSION AND HUMOUR AND BEAUTY TO MY LIFE and I know that on Monday I'll open up the website as usual and be puzzled for a second at the lack of a new link roundup and I can't imagine how I'll feel when I remember. Bereft.

This has been so great, and we were all so lucky to have it.

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What would the minister say if he knew you kept cordial in the house?

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I thought about it, but our hotel increased its rates for the 4th (unsurprisingly) and it was kind of a deal-breaker.

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People keep asking me if I'm excited for Canada Day weekend and I say "Yeah!!!! I'm going to NYC!!!!" and inevitably their face falls and they go "You're... leaving Canada... on Canada Day?" I am the worst at patriotism.

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We'll always have Toastie Twitter!

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I truly believe that being in the virtual presence of all these amazing, strong women has given me the confidence to... take up a bit more space in the world? Be slightly more assertive? I'm not sure how to put it because I've always seen myself as someone who would do almost anything to avoid confrontation and self-image changes so slowly.

To give you an example - I mentioned in the link roundup that I am starting a new job soon. My current boss told me that she would be really short-staffed due to a bunch of people being on vacation around the same time that I'm leaving. She said, "I can call [my future employer] and ask them if they can push back your start date by a couple of weeks." (Which, ??!!!!???!!!) I smiled gently and patiently, like a baby sloth, and said, "I don't want to stay here another couple of weeks."

2014 me would probably have agreed, even at the cost of pissing off my future employer, just to avoid awkwardness and potential bridge-burning. 2016 me has learned that sometimes I can afford not to give a fuck. That I don't always need to inconvenience myself for the sake of sparing other people inconvenience. And I think The Toast deserves a good part of the credit for that.

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I missed last week's open thread because I had Friday off, which confused my brain into thinking it was Saturday. And this Friday it's Canada Day and I'm off to NYC so I'll be missing the very last open thread too D: I'm going to miss you all so much.

On a lighter note, I finally got that job offer; it's signed and safely filed away and I start on the 13th of July (because I took the 11th and 12th off so I can spend a long weekend in DC with a Very Handsome Man). I just handed in my resignation and my soul feels light as a feather.

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But if you have to choose between hurting yourself and someone else, you choose hurting yourself.