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Pony porn commission artist who convinced people he worked on MLP at DHX

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I find it amazing that a legit DHX animator would do R34/NSFW pony commissions on DeviantArt.

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Holy moley those are perfect. Holey moley that flamingo video with that one crazy one against the six others works so well. Holey moley those two emotionally aware robots would work so well as the reformed villains trying to convert the others. These were nice finds.

...looks like I'm 3 days late. Man I hope I'm not catching your lateness to respond. Moving on...

Remember Equestria Girls? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_-3g3YS45w
I liked that trailer. It seemed to hint at some interesting conflict, but as I watched the movie I realized Sunset Shimmer was pretty much a non-protagonist until the Deus Ex Machina ending. I was pretty disappointed, and now it looks like the next Equestria Girls has no antagonist whatsoever. I'll probably watch it for the Brony cred, but with lower expectations now. What do you think of the movies?

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Why not do it all? When else do we get to chat on a public forum like it's private?

Let us commence world conquest by overloading the Internet with links to songs and viral videos, writing multi-gigabyte criticism of commercials and ideas for animations...

Okay here we go this is an old game vid that would be perfect for a MLP animation parody. This guy in the beginning is like Discord and stuff, but then this little girl is like Fluttershy who is the only one who can reform him. So then she starts talking to him and he becomes reformed and uses his powers to stop all the bad guys! Woohoo :D The story matches so well!

Is the internet overloaded yet? No? Guess we need to continue...

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That's alright.

Hm. Since you took so long to respond, it looks like no one else is active on this thread anymore.

We have this place all to ourselves...just you and me...This is pretty cool :)

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Whoa, even though I'm not a fan of switching any of the Mane 6, this would work so well.

There would be an interesting Spike/Rarity dynamic. Like a long distance unrequited love kinda thing.

And Octavia is like the darker version of Rarity. Both are artistic types with creative endeavors, but (according to some) Octavia sacrificed friendship to pursue her dreams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87qrjNF6fH4

It would be interesting to see how the other Mane 6 would deal with someone like that...

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I think the "boom instant win" effect is something that they actually NEED to do, due to time constraints and the series being mainly about standalone slice of life episodes. But what gets me is that this show does the "instant win" better than shows that actually TRY to have epic connected story arcs.

Look at it this way: the important thing about the Rainbow Power is not in its execution but in how it was conceived as a plot device. It came from ANOTHER very deliberate plot device (the box and keys) which was introduced in the season premiere. From there it was built up to over the course of the season. After Twilight lost the battle and got the key, she knew it was all coming together, like "This is it, isn't it?" Then they properly use that plot device and beat the villain. It all makes sense because of the build up.

It's good when the outcome of an event (the epic battle) depends on story covered in the past. Shows that people consider to have good writing, like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, do this too - when something happens it just makes sense because earlier events set things in motion.

What's really bad is winning "by accident" or "by believing" when the good guys are losing so bad and then they suddenly have a triumphant victory out of nowhere, with no previous events that would have suggested it. Two examples of shows that did this are Legend of Korra and Teen Titans. As much as I liked them, this is exactly how they handled battles. In Korra vs Amon she's getting owned, then loses, then develops Airbending by accident in that instant with nothing previously suggesting that this would happen, and subsequently beats Amon and ends the story arc. In Teen Titans vs Brotherhood of Evil, Titans are getting owned, seriously owned, then after they get owned they just come back and say "Oh hey since you can't kill us we're back now we can beat you despite nothing actually changing at all".

The difference is that in our MLP season finale we had events from as far back as Season 2 (Discord introduced, Cerberus released) and Season 3 (Discord reformed, Twilight Alicorn), not to mention the Season 4 premiere (Box and 6 keys) all culminating in this one story. I think this kind of planning is really something to appreciate, something that's even on Game of Thrones level, and so the execution shouldn't be too much of a bummer!

Edit: Not Game of Thrones level, actually. I don't think anything is Game of Thrones level, where outcomes of events result in "main" characters being killed off. Maybe just Breaking Bad or Mad Men, where you're kinda sure all the main characters are gonna live...

Also, events having effects on the world is another good sign. What do MLP, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men have in common? When things happen, things are changed permanently, and you can rarely predict how things will change.

- Discord introduced & defeated, Discord reformed (adding new supporting character & ally), Discord betrays them and is betrayed himself
- Crystal Empire introduced, Sombra defeated, Cadence becomes the Crystal Princess permanently, Spike becomes hero, new location is added to the map, Equestrian games are held there!
- Twilight battles with Tirek, permanently loses old tree house, gains magic crystal tree thing which will bring us countless untold adventures in the future...

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omgwtfbbq, that was good!
Villain with back story good lines and voice?!

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When will it come out on the Play Store? Gotta see what's up with this Find A Way (extended) stuff