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Thanks for this post, thanks for sharing about your relationship with your dad. It served as a kick in the rear for me to spend more time with mine. He is diabetic and not getting any better and I do not want to waste away anymore time. I need to cherish the time we both have left.

Thanks again!

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It is going to take a lot more than that to carry more "punch" ;-).

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What is ironic about that is that he uses your blog as an example in his Lijit pitch, perhaps that is where the influx of those statements are coming. I have seen him use it in an intro to AOL and he used it with my company (Mixx.com) the other day.

And yes, he can be deliciously hilarious when he wants to be, not to mention other things when he wants to be ;-). but we love him nonetheless!

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I agree with your assessment. I always think of biz dev as being the art of marrying to distinctly different companies together such that the sum of the two is greater than the parts. It is more of a B2B play, where sales is a B2C play, and not to over generalize, when I think of sales, I think of used cars (sorry to all you sales folks)

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Once again, you hit us with a tall dose of reality. If only more people blogged with such brutal honesty.


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I wanted to say thanks, thanks for the fact that you read my blog, that you have become my friend (which I feel like we have known each other for years), for being included in this blog post and for being the first blog that you referenced in this post. I am glad that my post was provoking, I hope it was provoking in a good way. Thanks for being you, telling people how it is and providing great guidance to those that are seeking it.


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Great post, it is definitely pertinent for CEO,s but it can apply to all levels of management and even transfer over to personal life. I can tell you as a father of 4, I still find myself in the position of asking for help.

Another good quote that fits in with this is that in order to be understood, first you must understand.

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Give it time and you will! She is one in a million.

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A Very real / raw / honest post, I like it a lot. With the little I know of you so far (and I hope there is a lot more in the future), this does not surprise me in the least bit. You are one of the most interesting, deep people I have met in awhile. I feel like I have known you for awhile and this post shows me a side that now that I read it I realize I knew it, but it took this post to bring it to light.

For what it is worth, the woman that you described is my wife almost to a T, but sorry, she is all mine :-)

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Holly shit, she has major ups!